When people think of video games, they mostly imagine the action, shooting, sword fights, running, or anything else fun and active. Some people might also think about the latest story-driven games that feel like you are in a movie but in full control of the character. There is, however, an insane variety of video games to suit all tastes. For many gamers, the best titles are those where you can use your brain to solve a puzzle, win over a computer, or compete against other players. Thinking games are not for everyone. Many players love video games because, in many cases, they can just unwind, but if they enjoy these kinds of games, they will love what browser thinking games have to offer.

Thinking games are not all the same. There is no standard formula to stick to, which results in a huge variety of titles. The only criterion for such games is making players think to find a solution or win over the opponent.

Here are a few of the most beloved subcategories in the genre of thinking video games:

  • Memory – from memorizing the right path and pairs of pictures to remembering the necessary emojis – there is a huge selection of memory video games. They are usually rather simple, although they still make you think. In the catalog, you can discover memory games for different ages.
  • Educational – of course, some of the best thinking games are educational titles. They are mostly made for kids and teach math, physics, and other subjects in an approachable and fun manner.
  • Crosswords – who does not like a good crossword? It is much more accessible to solve crosswords on your computer than buy a new physical newspaper every time you want to solve something. In addition, there is an endless variety of crosswords.
  • Physics – there is so much room for experimenting with physics games. Developers create such diverse video games that you will need a lot of time to try all of them. There are games that require launching things into other things to destroy them using the laws of physics. The other titles include puzzles with liquids, where need to fill the reservoirs properly. There are so many options.
  • Quizzes – it is so much fun to play quiz games with your friends or other online gamers. All you need is to have an Internet connection, and you should be able to choose a nice quiz to enjoy with other players online.
  • Chess – the most intellectual game is also available online. Here, you can train against the computer to improve your skills or compete against other chess players. If you do not have someone to play with at home, you might as well try an online version.
  • Puzzles – puzzle games are great because they can intertwine with any other genres. If you like thinking games and platformers, you might find a great adventure game that has puzzles to solve as well. Puzzle video games make you think outside the box and keep your brain occupied.

These are not even all thinking games you can discover in the catalog. Every gamer can find some great titles for themselves because this category is so vast. Such games improve your critical thinking and expand your imagination too.