If you ever go online, you must have heard about .io video games. There is a massive chunk of games with .io in their names, and many of them are very popular among gamers worldwide. But what are those games? The answer is simple: a small browser game was created once under the .io domain and became extremely popular due to its simplicity and multiplayer option. Many new games followed this success quickly, and they have been also posted under this domain to be more recognizable. While there are many similar titles with slightly different designs and mechanics, there is a huge selection of unique titles, and you will need to spend a lot of time trying them all.

What makes a .io video game? There are only a few rules to follow as the titles can be drastically different. Here are the criteria that define .io games:

  • Simplicity – all of these games have a very simplistic design and easy rules. It is known that the simplest of games can be the most addictive as they are very approachable and repetitive.
  • Multiplayer – one thing that made .io video games so famous is their multiplayer feature. This is extremely fun to play these games online with strangers and friends. They are highly competitive and do not need much skill or special equipment as they can be played online.
  • .io domain – this is self-explanatory as this is what makes these games recognizable and instantly shows what to expect of the title.

When it comes to diversity, this category of games is unmatched as any title can be a .io game.

Here are some of the game themes players can try with .io titles:

  • Blob – player starts with a small blob on the screen and needs to collect drops to grow. When you become larger than other players' blobs, you can consume them too and grow even bigger. Of course, you need to beware and not get in the way of other bigger players.
  • Snake – everyone is familiar with the snake video game, but .io games take it to the next level. Here, you need to survive with numerous other players online. The mechanic is the same, you need to grow, but you can also attack other players if you are bigger than they are.
  • Bumper – you play as a small bumper car or even a ball and need to bump into other users to throw them off the platform. The platforms on the screen can be shaped differently to increase the difficulty. This is the last one-standing type of game.
  • Minecraft – as Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever, there are also various analogs available. Minecraft .io is a simplified version of the famous game that can be enjoyed online with other players from all over the globe. This is also very competitive and fun, which is great if you are tired of the original game and want to try another exciting sandbox title.

In reality, there are hundreds of different .io games online. If you have a favorite genre or theme in mind, you will definitely be able to find a fun .io title for you. They are all 100% free to play, and you only need to connect to the Internet to enjoy them.