To get your portion of adrenaline and thrills, a person does not have to skydive or engage in some other extreme sports — the modern entertainment industry has come up with an equally effective way to cause a feeling of fear. This will focus on computer games in the horror genre. Every year, they become more realistic and frightening, which only attracts a new audience.

Horror is a broad genre of entertainment that includes scares, fear, and gripping tension. Whether you prefer slow scare-mongering or fast jumping, in this collection of games, you will find plenty of online horror projects to terrify.

Be prepared to be frightened and turn out the lights! We have collected the scariest horror games for you.

Every single one of us has a fear, everyone experiences fear at some point, and to fight it, you need to have great courage. The most effective way to overcome phobias is to confront your fear directly! You ask how to do it. The answer is extremely simple! Enter the Horror games section to test your nerves as you confront the most terrifying monsters and travel through the most perilous corners of the virtual world. Although it sounds scary, it is very tempting, isn't it? Take courage and go!

Welcome to our section of scary horror projects — horror fans. You've arrived at the correct place! This page contains a high-quality collection of free scary games of various genres and directions. We have carefully curated an online catalog of super cool, funny, and best-scary entertainment. Play now, online, without registration, and for no cost! We are confident that Horror games will be able to please everyone.

Famous monsters and unknown monsters are already waiting for you, which can cause not just fear but real animal horror. They won't stop you if you're not one of the timid, though; instead, they'll only motivate you to succeed. Both seasoned gamers and newcomers will be able to enter terrifying adventures and travel to hellish locations. Deadly traps, sinister labyrinths, portals to the other world — choose your favorite genre and go on an adventure full of horrors.

Horror games are what excites the mind and what gives goosebumps. These are the most terrifying horror stories of all time, which should not be played by children. And even many adults are advised to think carefully before choosing a game from this category. Don't forget this is one of the scariest trends in the gaming industry. Even though there are no prohibited applications here, each toy will make the user scream or get scared at least once.

One of the key distinguishing features of games in this genre is their atmosphere. This is a unique combination of violence, elements of fear, and hopelessness. Most of the plots unfold on the fact that it is necessary to escape, to get out of some situation or area. Or just find a clue in a very confusing story. Terrifying horror projects are truly scary.

Fear is the first and possibly most crucial element of horror. This feeling should be present in the user even when reading the description of the game and when viewing screenshots.

As for the technical part, you should pay attention to the graphics, audio, and video series. The light in the picture should be subdued, but the rendering of the textures should be of sufficient quality. Music, on the other hand, can be quite unusual or calm, but at times, it can represent a sudden change in the development of the situation with abrupt introductions.

Survival horror games are an excellent option if you enjoy trying to stay alive while dodging zombies, mad people, and weird spirits. Whether it's an action-packed SCIFI horror game or a vintage survival puzzle.

Some of them involve escaping or surviving difficult circumstances. Check out our collection and indulge yourself with the scariest free online horror games.

Games that fit this genre have a certain circle of admirers. Not everyone will dare to fight the forces of evil, fight monsters. This direction has some stereotypes.

For the collection of games with this theme, we try to select only the most interesting and best projects, supplement them, and regularly update versions. Go through the most terrible and gloomy adventure games. New and classic.