Every family and every person has a secret. Secrets arise on purpose or are created completely unexpectedly. It is known, however, that someday, every secret will be revealed, and almost every secret will find a clever person who can solve it. Mysteries haunt us at every step, but such interesting mysteries and investigations as in online games are difficult to find anywhere else. If you love to find sequences and patterns, like to observe the world around you and people, and see things that others don't, you have found the best game genre. Try Mystery Games and solve all the riddles that talented developers have carefully prepared just for you.

Why do mysteries fascinate people so much?

We get to know the world by solving mysteries. Solving mysteries and various secrets is not a banal curiosity, but the basis for the survival of mankind. People survived on the planet precisely because they learned to observe, analyze, and reflect on the nature of various phenomena. They noticed that glass is formed where lightning strikes the sand, and they understood how to keep fire in caves or how to work easier. So, solving mysteries is inherent in each of us. It has been the case since ancient times and continues to this day.

Mysteries have become an integral part of the culture. Scientific books and detectives are written about them, writers and scientists, policemen and doctors, teachers and psychologists are working on solving the secrets. In every field, in every discipline, there are white spots and phenomena that no one has yet managed to explain. Maybe, you will do it?

If you feel better when you find answers to difficult questions, you should try online Mystery Games. In this section, we have prepared for you the most interesting online games, which in one way or another are related to mysteries, secrets, and riddles.

The most popular types of Mystery Games

Kids and adults adore mysteries. So, in this section, you will find options for games of varying complexity: the simplest options for little inquisitive researchers and complex plot projects for experienced detectives.

All kinds of secrets are waiting for you:

  • Ancient;
  • Secrets of Egyptian mummies and pharaohs;
  • Treasure maps left behind by pirates;
  • Incredible scientific riddles;
  • Fabulous secrets;
  • Secrets of space and aliens.

All this you can try in the form of puzzles, multi-level games, and adventures. The main pros of games related to various secrets are that developers implement these projects in plenty of formats. You can feel like a scientist in the laboratory, Indiana Jones, or an experienced archaeologist. Any games to your taste are waiting for you.

Open the veil of secrets…online

Modern browser games allow you to enjoy various projects every day without the need to install software on a PC or mobile device. It is extremely convenient because, in this way, you have a chance to try different games and choose from the online catalog exactly those that suit your character and preferences.

The highest quality games are devoted to hot and topical mysteries and secrets. Modern projects are devoted to such topics as:

  • Mystical orders;
  • Conspiracy theories;
  • Dark pages of human history;
  • Crazy assumptions about Ancient Egypt and other civilizations;
  • Modern mysteries.

In this way, you can immerse yourself as much as possible in the most exciting mysteries and maybe still solve them. In this section, real hits are collected, over which you will have to seriously rack your brain, but the pleasure you will get in the process is worth the effort.

Some games are more dynamic and active, while others allow you to ponder over each level for a long time. Games of this genre have a wide variety of gameplay, design, and secrets hidden inside that are very different. However, there is something that unites them — endlessly interesting and still unsolved mysteries. These are not banal riddles but those questions that will be able to distract you from your routine and plunge you into the world of signs, clues, symbols, and even mysticism. However, there is an answer to every question if you look hard and try hard. Try it. You definitely can cope with it!