Various ideas about the afterlife and about the restless spirits of the dead, who, for some unknown reason, did not go to the realm of death but got stuck between two worlds, have existed in our culture for many years. There are many fascinating films and books on this topic, as well as online games, which we will discuss in more detail.

Main features of ghost games

There are different delightful games based on the awe-inspiring story of a murdered police detective who, after his death, did not find peace but continued his investigation. The target is a mysterious maniac. Such games are quite interesting and popular adventure horrors with a mystical-detective theme.

The action of such a game revolves around the personality of the ghost of a detective who found himself in a new world for himself, where exactly the same restless souls of dead people live, who do not let go of certain problems and cases that have not been resolved during earthly life. Fulfilling their requests and orders is part of the gameplay, implemented in the form of numerous side quests.

There is practically no action, but there is an interesting and exciting exploration of the gloomy world of spirits, an interesting storyline, light puzzles, and a special atmosphere. For a horror game, it may be not very scary, but it is quite exciting, with a story that ends in a surprise. There are all sorts of side activities and collectibles in the game.

Furthermore, there are asymmetrical horror games where you can play all sorts of maniacs and monsters, including nightmarish ghosts. In such a game, all participants in the gameplay are divided into two asymmetrical teams, and many characters are taken from famous horror films and games. In fact, most maniacs presented here are of a supernatural nature, but only a few are outright ghosts with canonical signs:

  • For example, the most ghostly of all the ghosts is a female character. After her death, the girl became a vengeful and cruel ghost that haunts the survivors, using her supernatural abilities for this, including the ability to move almost instantly in space.
  • Another ghostly playable character from among the maniacs is the terrible Nurse. Once, her name was Sally Smithson, and she worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital. However, in a psychiatric hospital, disaster struck – several dozen patients were found with their throats cut, and Sally Smithson herself disappeared. It is believed that it was then that she turned into a terrible ghost, unable to bear the horrors that were happening in the psychiatric hospital.

Some addictive multiplayer games with asymmetric gameplay are inspired by famous movies. Players are divided into two opposite and completely different teams. One team is a team of ghost hunters. The second team is the ghost team. The former must hunt down and catch the latter, while the latter must hide from the former, inhabit the objects of the environment, and, in every possible way, frighten the hunters and even attack them.

The game is a sprightly multiplayer asymmetric action game that takes the principle of hide-and-seek and complements it with an entourage of fighting ghost hunters. One detachment must catch all the rebellious ghosts before midnight, while the ghosts must hide from hunters and in every possible way prevent them from doing their work, trying to reach the saving midnight.

Try different ghost games to find your favorite one and enjoy the game!