You do not have to be proficient in the history of gaming to know this one game that was revolutionary and extremely important for all games to follow. Snake is a video game that literally everyone knows and played at least once in their life. is a video game that was released in 2016 for Internet browsers and iOS devices. It quickly became insanely popular and accessible across all possible platforms. All slither games are essentially the descendants of the famous Snake game but more contemporary.

The idea behind Slither video games is to eat various items and grow your character, whether it is a snake, a worm, or anything else snake-like. While in the classic Snake, you had to watch out for your own tail that grew longer and longer not to smash in it, there are much more obstacles in Slither games. This and a bunch of other factors make these titles so popular very quickly.

Here are some of the main reasons for their incredible popularity:

  • Simple gameplay – despite all the accessories, these games are incredibly easy at their core. All you need to do is to avoid smacking into other players or objects and collect as many food items as you possibly can. In addition, you can eat other players' characters if you grow big enough, but beware as you can lose if you are just a little smaller than necessary.
  • Multiplayer – this is what revived the game to such proportion in addition to easy gameplay. It is infinitely more fun to enjoy Slither video games with your friends and other gamers joining from all over the globe. The more players you have on a specific server, the more fun and chaos you can experience. In the end, this becomes a battle royale of sorts when the largest characters compete for the winning title.
  • Various skins – customizing your character and other things in the game has always been one of the most desired features in any title. With these incredibly simplistic video games, it becomes easy to add a huge variety of skins for your characters, the gaming screen, food items, and more. Unlocking more skins also adds another layer of competition to the game, and you want to play more to get everything there is in a game.
  • Simple access – because these were simple browser titles from the very beginning, it was incredibly simple to access them. Such games do not require downloading and installation on any device to be playable. Even if your computer or laptop is not new, you will not encounter any lag or difficulties with these games as they are compatible with all platforms. In addition, they are free to play, and every gamer can pick anything from the gaming list and start the game.

It is captivating to see how different these simple video games can look. With a small improvement upon the classic Snake, game developers continue producing new and unique Slither titles for everyone to enjoy. Each video game can have a such special aesthetic that you will almost feel like you are playing a different game entirely. Try all the different Slither titles for yourself and see which one you like the most.