When you think of worms, you immediately imagine something unpleasant but generally harmless. Actually, a worm does no harm, and it is not found in ordinary life so often. By playing the Worm games on our website, you will see both cute creatures and evil bloodthirsty worms with huge teeth, devouring animals, people, and even houses.

Two main categories of gaming products are typical for online Worms games. In the first one, worms are cute and funny creatures that both a child and an adult can play with. Their game mechanics are built on the principle of the well-known Snake game. You crawl around levels and collect game items. The length of the worm depends on the number of items collected. A long character is harder to control, but it is stronger and bigger. The other category of Worms games contains scarier games. Here, you will need to control a huge scary monster living underground. The main thing is to feed it as soon as possible.

Worms games offer players to control a virtual worm that scurries back and forth across the screen in search of food. For boys and girls who love intellectual strategies, where, in addition to finger dexterity, you have to fully use your head, they will be a real discovery. You must always remember that the more food your worm eats, the sooner it will grow.

The main delicacy for the worm is white balls scattered across the screen. When it swallows one of these, it will immediately grow up. But in pursuit of them, try to be extremely careful. If you accidentally touch your tail with your head or one of the neighbor worms, you will immediately lose. The defeated worm crumbles into many luminous white dots, which other worms eat with pleasure. The network game ends when you become the longest worm at the moment.

Become the most formidable worm in the area! Move around the map and collect food and bonuses that affect speed, agility, and the number of points scored. The worm will move behind the cursor, and if you hold down the left mouse button, the movement speed increases. There are two game modes – endless and against the clock. Along with you, there will be other worms on the map. Your task is to eat as much as possible and destroy your opponents by making them crash into you.

Additionally, you will need to collect various sweets such as donuts, cupcakes, cakes, and many other tasty sweets that are scattered all over the map. Don't forget that this is a multiplayer game with many other players. In addition to sweets, they can also eat you. When you succeed in destroying another worm, it will drop out in different sweets, by collecting which you will gain a lot of mass and become big. And it will give you many privileges.

In addition to various sweets on the map, various bonuses will come across, such as a magnet, mass gain, invulnerability, and many other useful surprises. Try to manage your worm carefully so as not to become dinner for other players. Use your speed to run away from enemies and destroy them at the same time. But don't forget, the longer you accelerate, the more mass you lose, making you much smaller. If you want to become a unique worm, you will have the opportunity to choose a game skin for yourself, which will make you attractive and special. Try to eat as many sweets as possible to become the biggest worm and conquer this candy world.

In a word, Worms games are very popular among children from the age of two. However, we have already met thousands of adults who also love this game. If you have never played such games before and want variety, you will undoubtedly like the Worm game. Don’t waste your time any longer. Play a Worm game on our website right now!