Snake is one of those video games that influenced the industry tremendously. Everyone knows what a Snake game is, just like everyone knows Tetris and other simple retro games that remain popular up to this day. While Snake first appeared in the seventies, it became extremely popular again in the late nineties when Nokia released it on mobile phones. Of course, more than twenty years have passed since its last spurt of popularity, but it never really went out of fashion. In fact, people play Snake video games these days as well. However, modern Snake games follow the classic formula but often provide diverse and contemporary designs or even additional features to make this title even more fun.

Snake video games are also often called worm games as the snake that you control in the retro version looks like a little worm too. The classic game was extremely simplistic, with the body of your snake consisting of a few pixels in a row that grew as you consumed more pixels that supposed to be its food. No wonder it looked like a worm too. Because of this, many modern renditions of the classic title focus on snakes and worms equally. Even the names of contemporary Snake titles might change dramatically, but players will surely know if they are playing a game that is a new take on the famous classic.

The rules of Snake video games are simple. First, you start playing as a short snake. You need to move around in strict lines to consume food items on the screen. As you consume more food, the body of the snake will become longer. However, this is rather a disadvantage for you as you will have to avoid bumping into your tail. If this happens, the game ends. However, making the snake longer is crucial to finish the game. In many modern Snake titles, players can move around freely without having to make only 90-degree turns.

With the rules of the game being so straightforward, one way to make it more fresh and diverse is to change its design and try various styles. New rules and features might be applied as well to spice up the gameplay.

Here are some of the Snake game types you might encounter:

  • Classic Snake – the retro game is perfection in itself, and people often want to play the classic version as opposed to playing modern overcomplicated titles.
  • Realistic design – there are versions of the Snake game that strive to make the design more realistic as opposed to the extremely simplistic original. Snake designs can vary, but playing as a cool realistic animal is truly exciting.
  • Cartoonish design – when it comes to developing a colorful and fun little game, there are truly no boundaries. In addition to fun and bright designs, it is often allowed to change various skins and make your snake look different every time.
  • Multiplayer – if playing by yourself and trying to avoid hitting your tail was not difficult enough, you can try multiplayer Snake and either run from the enemies or bump into the weaker ones to destroy them.

All of these Snake versions and more can be found online in your browser. Look through the game selection and try all the various Snake video games for free.