There is an opinion that the computer is a great evil for both children and adults. On the one hand, this is partly true because many people spend a lot of time near it, which they could spend communicating with their families. In addition, the decrease in vision due to computers has been proven, as well as other health problems that may occur.

However, with all these shortcomings, the main culprit is always the person whose unwise use of such a miracle of technological progress leads to such sad consequences, especially for our children. On the other hand, there are online educational games that can be more than useful and exciting. Let’s discuss them closely.

Play and get smarter

Both girls and boys love to play games, and parents give them their smartphones and tablets for this purpose, forgetting that the small screen only exacerbates the vision problem. Moreover, girls are so ready to dress up their screen puppets in brightly drawn clothes for hours and take them to visit their girlfriends.

If you indulge in such a whim of your daughter, it is better to choose educational games for her and put them on a computer monitor. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different educational games specifically for girls so that they are interested and get an idea about all sorts of things and objects.

Of course, all this is subject to strict censorship by the parents. Games for girls do not allow you to see the world in bright colors and will give you pleasant emotions. Of course, you can also play active online games for girls who will build a house for their Barbie faster or go through all the labyrinths with Bob the snail.

Here, the benefits may seem doubtful, but the game itself includes:

  • The analysis of the situation;
  • The ability to quickly switch from one obstacle to another;
  • Attention and patience;
  • The desire to see and to achieve the result.

All this allows girls to better perceive difficult tasks and implement them, despite failures. In addition, calm games like adventures with the participation of which cartoons, culinary recipes, animal care, daughter-mothers, or trying on the role of a kindergarten teacher, involve imagination, logic, and teaching simple things.

Such games contribute to the friendly relations of children who are shy to communicate because, in the game, they can freely play with others and not be afraid of bullies. Each girl will find the game that will be interesting to her and give her many new experiences, developing her talents as a designer, fashion designer, leader, or doctor. After all, what works well in childhood may well become a profitable profession in the future.

A similar story happens with boys who can leave their anger or negative emotions or realize dreams about some dangerous kinds of sport inside the game. Due to educational games, boys will learn how to work in a team, and their logic and imagination will develop as well.

Therefore, there is always a great chance to select the perfect educational game for your child. Thus, you will know that he or she is not only entertaining but spends time wisely and learns new useful information. The game is still the best way for children to become smarter.