Most modern games require the player not only to react immediately but also to demonstrate logic and cleverness, ingenuity, and the ability to cope with a difficult task as quickly as possible. So, the Logic Games section could include many items, not just puzzles. But so that each user can easily find on the site exactly the activity that he likes the most, the Game Karma platform includes only the most fascinating puzzles in the logic games section.

Useful and interesting logic games on Game Karma

Some puzzles on the Game Karma website allow you to go through the levels leisurely and think about each step for a long time. Other games require maximum attention and concentration and not just a rational approach.

Choose the games you like the most and get many benefits:

  • Development of thinking;
  • Boosting creativity;
  • Formation of skills to cope with difficult and atypical tasks;
  • Fun quests;
  • Fascinating and informative levels.

You can complete all the tasks yourself or involve the whole family in logic games. It can be exciting when you don't know how to spend an evening or on the go. The puzzle games you see in the library of the Game Karma platform are suitable for the entire family. Get a triple benefit: enjoy the quality and exciting games, time spent with your family, and develop yourself.

Puzzle games are good for the brain: The results of scientific research

Scientists have established that constant solving of logical problems is not just an interesting pastime. This is the same activity that prolongs youth. Based on experiments, researchers found that players' memory, attention, and reaction speed improve.

The research did not only concern logic games. Each type of game affects different areas of the brain. Logical games activate those areas responsible for memory and the assimilation of new information. The prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for these phenomena. It is also activated when we make decisions or evaluate circumstances. So, constant solving of logical issues makes us more adaptable to difficult situations in real life.

The results of the experiments are impressive. Some schools already include logical games in the educational process. But you don't have to wait until the school curriculum changes: you can play exciting logical games today. It is informative, fascinating, fun, and extremely useful.

The most interesting logic games online are waiting for you

There are elements of logical tasks in every game, but the section where the puzzles are collected is a concentration of the most exciting activities. Develop flexible thinking without excessive effort. This is the case when science is interesting, not only for those who love to learn. Thanks to exciting plots, cool characters, and non-trivial tasks, you will not notice how you overcome level after level.

Types of logical games

There are so many logic games that it is difficult to list all the options. In the Game Karma catalog, you will find:

  • Classic games such as chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, etc.;
  • Mechanisms that need to be assembled, disassembled, and repaired in various ways;
  • Labyrinths with riddles, searching for an exit or certain items;
  • Word games;
  • Puzzles with colors;
  • Assembling structures to cope with the main task, etc.

This section is equally captivating for boys and girls, children and adults. In the process, players learn the laws of physics and the basics of mechanics, certain rules, and tons of valuable and interesting information.

Puzzle game characters can be cute and funny, fun or serious. The main thing is that these characters invariably lift the mood. Each meeting with a new character is an opportunity to smile and learn a lot of new things. As the main characters, you will see sheep and snails, crocodiles and aliens, and many others.

Play puzzle games online on mobile or desktop anytime. It's interesting, fun, and free!