Sudoku Games is a great puzzle that can be solved by people of all ages, from children to adults. Sudoku was invented a long time ago and appeared in the form of squares printed on paper with numbers. Such variants of Sudoku could earlier be found in various newspapers. Sudoku solving is loved by people who want to have a good time or just relax. Today, all sorts of Sudoku gaming products can be played virtually. Using a computer or phone, you can easily start playing Sudoku games, which have many difficulty modes and settings. Additionally, these games have a lot of features, colorful game designs, and various options for game boards of different sizes.

Classic Sudoku has a nine-by-nine playing field. It consists of 81 cells. Each of them must be filled with numbers. Additionally, the entire playing field is conditionally divided into nine mini-squares. Each of them also has nine cells. It is conditionally possible to divide the field into nine rows and nine vertical columns. The main rule of the game is the following. In one column, one row, and the same mini block, each number should be repeated just once.

To solve this difficult puzzle, you need to fill the entire game board with numbers and put them in the right places only. At the beginning of the game, certain numbers are already put on the field in different places. All Sudoku games are divided into three, four, or five difficulty levels depending on the number of initial digits. Basically, there are such stages of the game as beginner, easy, medium, hard, expert, and insane.

Now, you can choose Sudoku games according to your taste and experience and start playing right on our website. If you don't know how to play this ancient game yet, try the game for beginners, where you can easily learn the first steps of Sudoku. Sudoku is so versatile that it can be played by people of all ages from the age of four. With this game, you will be able to keep your brain in good shape. You can train your memory and actively develop logical thinking. Practice shows that Sudoku Games often help children to start liking mathematics and geometry. Therefore, it will be more useful for children to play these games than shooters or RPG games.

Numerical puzzles formed the basis of many browser games. Consequently, it allows you to play Sudoku online on your PC. Beginners can easily use the Training mode. The program will immediately tell you which numbers can be inserted into one or another cell and which ones you cannot put in any case. Most often, when a player clicks on a cell, a number row appears, from which the desired option can be selected with the cursor. If, for example, there is already such a number in a horizontal line, then substituting it into the box simply will not work.

You can always play Sudoku games with different levels of difficulty. This directly affects the method of solving the puzzle and not the number of already-filled cells. Practice shows that even professional players can solve complex Sudoku within a few days or even weeks. This slowness is one of the greatest Sudoku benefits. You will always have time to think carefully about each move. After all, the player carefully makes every decision and watchfully considers every action.

You can play Sudoku games in this section of our website in both classic and modern variants. If you have never played Sudoku games, you should definitely try them right now. Play with your friends and kids. This will help you find the best solutions faster, even in the most difficult game situations.