Physics is an interesting science. It allows you to create experiments that border on fantasy, but these are just the world’s laws. Scientists have not yet fully studied all the physics laws, but even what is known is impressive.

If you study physics only according to the school curriculum, it can seem like a boring set of rules and formulas. They are difficult to remember, so children often do not even realize how many fascinating things are hidden behind these rules. The section on physical games will make up for this deficiency. Thanks to the collection of games that in one way or another explain the basics of physics, you will be able to solve many interesting problems and have fun.

Physics rules and browser games: How are these things related?

Everything is quite simple. As soon as the first computer and online games appeared, developers tried to add realism to them. Design features and three-dimensional graphics help to achieve a realistic effect. However, online games became fascinating when they began to obey the natural laws of physics. Such phenomena as shadows, gravity, simulation of free fall, etc. appeared in the games. These are the things that make modern games truly exciting.

Types of physical games

In most cases, well-thought-out physics is in how the characters move or act. There is a whole section of logic games and puzzles where you will have to use your knowledge of physics. What tasks may arise before you?

  • Move massive objects using various levers;
  • Build a pipeline through which liquid can move freely;
  • Move objects without touching them;
  • Pour the liquid from the container without direct interaction with this container, etc.

A variety of logical tasks are successfully combined with a fun thematic plot. Developers try to make each level in logic games using the laws of physics as rich and exciting as possible, so you can expect a lot of jokes inside different levels. Video bloggers shoot stories about some of these games. If you have difficulty passing certain levels, you can find ready-made answers and valuable hints in such videos. So, if you don't even manage a level on your own, you can use the help and hints inside the game itself. Thus, you will learn more and more about the laws of physics, and you will remember them, even without memorizing the rules. Whatever game option you choose today, it will definitely be useful.

In the course of the game, you will learn about many interesting phenomena and learn to interact with them to achieve your goal and complete the tasks set before you. You will have to learn things like:

  • Aggregate states of substances, liquid, and gas dynamics;
  • The difference between porous and solid objects, as well as between different types of materials: metal, wood, fabric, plastic, etc.;
  • Breakdown of materials;
  • Modeling of viscosity, sliding, friction, and other phenomena.

The learning potential of physical games is awesome. Even if you do not like to memorize rules and formulas, you will still be able to make friends with a wide variety of physical phenomena. It will happen thanks to numerous tasks and experiments in online games.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of physical games in the process of self-education. You can guess about some things intuitively, and you will think out other questions longer. But you will learn how to solve simple and complex physical problems and then successfully apply the knowledge gained in real life.

The section with logical games and puzzles built based on the laws of physics is increasing. The Game Karma platform receives interesting offers from the best developers, so you always have a fresh online game with unique levels and exciting stories. These games are suitable for players of all ages. We hope you have fun with Game Karma and enjoy every minute spent here.