If we had to name the king of all games, this would be chess. This tabletop game evolved a lot through the centuries, but its predecessor appeared first before the 600s AD. While the modern game of chess as we imagine it now appeared around the 16th century, there is no denying that this table game is ancient. So why does the game of chess continues to be popular even now? This is a classic intellectual game that is considered a sports game as well. Chess tournaments are held all around the world, and the best minds compete in them. Luckily for gamers, there is a way to play chess easily with your friends or alone by simply opening your browser.

Two players are normally required to play chess. However, it is also possible to play chess solo. In this case, you can practice different scenarios and moves to see how the game would play out. There is no similar game each time you play, and the outcome is always different. When playing online, you also have the opportunity to play against the computer. This way, you will not need another player, but you will not know the opponent's strategy too.

To play chess, a special board with pieces is needed. Each piece has its name, such as pawn, knight, queen, king, rook, and bishop. Not everybody has the chessboard at hand or at all. In this case, playing digital chess is a great solution. You can just start the game online and move virtual pieces across the digital board.

There are many advantages to playing chess. This is an intellectual game that will improve your mind and many other things. Here is why you should play chess regularly:

  • Improved memory – for kids, it would be great to simply memorize all the pieces, their names, their moves, etc. For adults, the game of chess turns into strategy as each move has different outcomes and will influence the game in the long run. Planning ahead is key if you want to win.
  • Creative thinking – this might not be obvious, but various studies show that people who play chess are more creative than those who do not. If you want to boost your creativity, try playing chess regularly to see the difference.
  • Anxiety relief – when playing chess, people usually focus on the game and relax a lot. The game of chess is known to be beneficial for people with anxiety, ADHD, and those experiencing stress in general.
  • Planning ahead – the whole objective of chess is to see your moves and your opponent’s plans a few steps ahead. By imagining at least a few possible outcomes of each move, you can work on your strategy to eventually win the whole game.

Of course, you can improve your chess playing skills by playing over and over. You can start slow at a low difficulty and make your way up. It is great to play chess with friends or even by yourself to practice various strategies. This classic game is very relaxing, and you can try it out if you are tired of action video games.