At the frantic pace of the modern world, it is difficult to imagine life without a car. And it's no secret that all children, regardless of age, want to see themselves driving a cool car. This dream may come true right now. Children want to drive, ride through the streets of the city at night, and compete with friends on race tracks. However, except for driving, cars still need to be refueled, washed, and repaired, which is no less interesting than the driving process itself. However, what to do if you really want to do all this before you turn 18? There is a solution! We have collected only the best car games for boys and girls that you can play online right on this page. We also have online Driving games for the smallest racers.

We have a great selection of the trendiest Driving games of all sorts. Both kids and adults can choose from parking and racing games, motorcycle and truck games, taxi and bus games, and many other options from the top providers.

Therefore, in the Driving Games section of the Game Karma website, players from the whole world can select a game according to their driving preferences and pick a great car. Here, you will find a game for every taste. For adrenaline junkies, we have a couple of fast-paced games where you'll perform mind-blowing stunts in tuned cars. Moreover, you can participate in a rally or take part in car chaos on the highway. If the derby and crazy drifting are already boring to you, then you can practice car parking. Some basics in parking games will be useful for gamers in real life.

What about racing? You can take part in fast races against experienced rivals to compete for the title of the best and fastest racer on the planet. Ahead of you is an ocean of action, high speed, big jumps, a lot of stunts, real driving of various types of cars, and unrealistically remarkable sports cars.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a Formula 1 driver, but you did not succeed, it does not matter. In this category of Driving games, you can truly feel the frenzied racing with the best cars in any of the categories. Racing games will allow you to feel the real tension and a huge surge of adrenaline, just like such famous Formula 1 champions as Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen felt in their time. Allow yourself to feel a real drive!

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a friendly and fearless bus driver, like Sandra Bullock's character Annie Porter in the Speed movie? On this page, you will find excellent and high-quality game simulators on this topic. They will help you understand how it is really not easy to drive a bus. In real-time, you will learn to understand the dimensions of a passenger bus, understand how to maneuver in urban conditions, and also how to properly park such a large vehicle. After playing this game, you might want to become a school or intercity passenger bus driver like Greyhound in real life. In any case, the experience of playing on such a stimulator will come in handy in real life. You will become more attentive and punctual.

After watching the Taxi movie, thousands of kids and adults desired to become crazy taxi drivers. Thus, you can choose one of the taxi simulators and get a great experience in helping people to reach their destination ASAP. You will learn how to take orders from customers and choose the shortest way from point A to point B. The game in this category will be interesting for both children and adults.

In a word, on this page, you can choose from a huge number of high-quality Driving games and get real pleasure from driving various vehicles. We wish you had a great time playing the best Driving games alone or with friends. Please play to your heart's content but not for too long. Take care of your eyesight and walk more in the fresh air.