It's no secret that many people like car simulators. The main reason is that many of them love driving but are afraid of getting into an accident in real life. But in the game, you can fully enjoy the speed. Nevertheless, whatever world you are in, virtual or real, you may be carrying passengers, so you should follow the rules of behavior on the road.

It's hard to believe that the ability to drive a virtual bus can seriously captivate thousands of gamers. However, it does. Otherwise, why is the demand for the regular release of new games about buses, ranging from easy-to-learn arcade games to full-fledged simulators with complex game mechanics that take into account all aspects of the work of a bus driver, still high?

In such games, users must not only move carefully around the city or suburbs, controlling the behavior of the vehicle on the road and complying with all the rules, but also deal with passengers, arrive at stopping points strictly on schedule, and perform some other driver duties. Often, the entire bus, from the driver's cab down to small things like fire hammers, is realistically modeled, with passengers buying tickets and getting on and off realistically. While curating the city, the player may encounter the most unexpected situations:

  • Traffic jams;
  • Accidents;
  • Repair work;
  • Naughty passengers;
  • Difficult to pass areas and so on.

Bus driver simulators allow players to experience all the complexities and peculiarities of this profession. Carry passengers across a huge city, trying to arrive at the specified stops in time and not violate traffic rules. Moreover, the driver is fully responsible for the life and even the emotional state of the passengers, so you need to drive the bus as carefully as possible so as not to cause discomfort to the people inside. In such games, there are usually many buses based on real-life models and several dozen quests, including transporting prisoners, bus tours, taking children to school, and so on.

The developers also pay a lot of attention to the environment. The city where you drive the bus delights with dynamically changing weather, day/night cycle, and convincingly recreated traffic flow. Some of them are so well designed that they resemble real cities with all the sights. Thus, the player can learn something new right in the game and visit unusual places.

Racing arcades are also not uncommon. Varieties of modes of transport participate in the races, including school buses. At the same time, there may be no rules at all, so the races often turn into a crazy crush, where everyone tries to throw the opponent’s transport off the track. Moreover, the tracks themselves, containing various springboards, bonuses, secrets, and other interactive objects, contribute to the competition being as chaotic and fun as possible.

In games about buses, all the features of the behavior of vehicles while driving are fully reflected, all the technical characteristics are taken into account, and the dashboard allows you to perform all the functions inherent in a real prototype. Therefore, browser-based Bus Games are a fun and interesting form of entertainment for all users, regardless of gender and age. Become a bus driver and try to deliver passengers to their destinations perfectly!