Strategy is a special genre of online games that will suit those who like to think and plan. If you are a tactician or a strategist, and you love to defend fortresses and castles from enemies, then these games are created especially for you. The essence of many popular strategic games is to protect your castle, manage your army, and conquer new cities and lands. In these games, you will control not one hero but many warriors, soldiers, or workers at once.

In our Strategy games section, we have selected for you more than 40 different strategies on the most popular topics. Here, you can find games with the change of centuries and civilizations. In such games, you can go through a whole path of development, from the Stone Age to the latest technologies, machines, and robots. You can also play Strategy games to plan the development of large corporations, protect the world from the coronavirus pandemic, or develop a strategy to conquer other planets. Consequently, simply choose what you like most. The most popular categories on our website in the Strategy section are military strategies, RTS strategies, and economic strategies. Do you want to play with other players? No problem! We have plenty of MMO Strategy games. Overall, playing Strategy games is the best way to spend a weekend or even a whole week. You'll like it!

War strategy is not just a shooting game. It is a complex mechanism, and you will have to deal with all its aspects. Wars are fought by armies, and armies must be trained, armed, clothed, fed, and lodged. However, the army often runs out of food, clothes are worn out, and weapons are broken. This means that you need constant access to all elements to maintain the combat capability of the soldiers. How to do it? Play strategy games online and learn.

Playing strategy games, you will have to cope with plenty of things. For example, establish a military base, train fighters on the bridgehead, set up mining, open the production of weapons, and make friends with neighbors. Relationships with neighbors are an important link to success in any strategy game. You will trade or exchange things with them, for instance. When an enemy attacks, you can count on the help of your allies. You can also recruit soldiers to your army from other lands. If the level of your economy is sufficient enough to interest them, they will come to you immediately.

You should always have capital, but you need to increase it to boost the level of weapons and have an influence on your neighbors. Starting with simple and affordable actions, with the right allocation of resources, you will achieve amazing results in the future. The main thing is to think over your steps, especially the first ones. When you have a powerful army, you will defeat enemies and annex their lands to yours to work again on how to strengthen the borders and ensure the prosperity of your people.

Now, the so-called peaceful online strategies have become especially popular. They are aimed at developing a business. You can manage a hotel, a city, a supermarket, a hospital, a farm, a factory, or a gas station. Everything depends on your preferences. You can spend all day playing this game. Each level transforms your establishment into a more prosperous business. For example, new useful tools and buildings appear on farms. Cozy cottages replace small houses in your city. Your restaurants start to serve a variety of dishes, and modern technology speeds up the work. Shops become more attractive for customers with their interior decoration and assortment, etc.

To purchase additional things, you will need to work hard. Therefore, when you become the owner of a network of enterprises, your profits will boost. Try yourself in different areas because you can do anything. For example, you can fish, mine gold, collect honey, refuel cars, cook burgers, build roads, etc.

In a word, if you like to plan everything and think about the future, the Strategy games on this page are exactly what you need to have a good time and constantly keep your mental abilities in good shape. Play strategy with your kids and teach them how to make the right decisions. Even if they fail at first, they will quickly understand how to do it in the right way.