Turn-based video games are a subgenre of strategy games. These are strategies with unique gameplay that requires acting in turns. Just like with any other strategy game, you need to apply your critical thinking and strategic planning to achieve your goals or conquer your enemies. Most turn-based strategies have similar gameplay but can differ in design. The setting can be anything from fantasy castles to spaceships, but classic mechanics remain the same.

The inspiration behind turn-based strategies comes from tabletop games. You have a board of sorts, your playing pieces, and a certain objective. In these video games, you also have a playing field, which often has a grid for placing your and your opponent's characters or buildings. However, depending on the game, you can also incorporate vehicles, animals, natural objects, etc. Each movable character or item can move in its specific manner on the grid. By moving your pieces around and attacking your enemy, you can eventually kill all the opponent's mobs, infiltrate their castle or any other building, kill the boss, etc.

The beauty of turn-based strategies is that you can play them online with or without other players. Often, gamers prefer playing against the computer with various levels of difficulty. This is not only a great solution for setting up the difficulty of the game but a quicker option as the computer makes its moves almost instantly. When you are playing with other users, you might need to wait for some time while they are thinking about their next move, although turns are usually times and you should not wait forever.

While turn-based strategy video games have been around for a long time now, not everybody can be familiar with them. Even if you enjoy strategy games, this is a unique subgenre. Here are a few reasons why you might love turn-based RPGs:

  • You like strategy games – strategy is an insanely popular gaming genre, although it is not for everyone. Many gamers prefer shooters or action titles for their fast-paced gameplay and adrenaline. On the other hand, a huge number of players love strategies that make you think and plan a few steps ahead.
  • You want to take your time – turn-based games are great for those players who do not like to rush. During your turn, you can take as much time as you need to plan things out and make the most efficient move in your situation. There is no need to rush and watch out for the enemies at the same time.
  • You like board games – most video games with turn-based elements emulate board games in many aspects. If you like playing tabletop games but want to try them with your friends online, this is a good solution.

Most turn-based strategies do not have high requirements. This makes them perfect candidates for online play. If you want to jump into a fun game right in the browser, there is no better solution than choosing one of the RPGs available. In the catalog, you will discover a variety of turn-based games to try. They all have unique designs and different settings to satisfy all gamers. Pick a title and test your strategic skills to beat all the opponents.