One of the most popular genres of online computer games is real-time strategy games. This is not surprising given the exciting atmosphere, complete immersion in virtual reality, and the capability to control entire squads and armies of heroes. Fans of this genre are characterized by logical thinking and a high potential of mental abilities since sometimes, a battle with strong opponents can even surpass chess in complexity. And millions of people around the globe daily entertain by enjoying RTS games via their PCs and mobile devices.

In the RTS Games category on our website, you can find the best strategy gaming products and play them online without time limits. Moreover, this genre is perfect for both boys and girls. The key to victory in such games is not quick reaction and mastery of the mouse and keyboard but quick wits, the ability to rapidly respond to changing situations, as well as full planning of what is happening and the capability to predict the opponent's actions. Most often, the field of action in strategies takes place on land, in water, or even in space.

RTS Games on our site require a lot of attention and perseverance from the player. You should never rush into this game. You need to carefully consider every step because the fate of your city, fortress, or state entirely depends on your decisions. In addition to developing your state and equipping your army with modern weapons, you will also need to take care of the economic component. Even during active hostilities, in games of this type, the player will need to grow crops and raise livestock. In addition, you will need to make sure that your population always has the means to buy goods. This is necessary so that people and soldiers do not revolt and go over to your opponents.

If you like RTS Games in which you have to fight terrorists and defend your country from enemy attacks, you will undoubtedly find such a game on this page. You will be able to lead a counter-terrorist squad and hire your professional soldiers. You have to find and neutralize the leader of a terrorist gang who threatens to take over your city. Players can use various weapons, such as machine guns, pistols, knives, grenade launchers, and more. You can perfectly play this game online with your friends or relatives.

Real-time strategies are distinguished by their difficulty. Players will have to manage many elements of their state, develop technologies, rebuild buildings, and train troops. The most important feature of RTS games is that players can develop their state in real-time, concurrently with the mass of other players on the server.

These games do not require downloading but offer very interesting gameplay. Strategic browser-based online games will lead an excursion into the history of our civilization, push the creative imagination, and allow you to feel the burden of unbearable responsibility for the fate of entire nations. Each RTS game is equipped with an interesting overview that allows you to get an objective idea of the development. Online RTS games will not replace feature films, series, or books about the war. However, they will allow you to feel the real atmosphere of battles to better understand what drives great commanders at the time of making fateful decisions.

If you are crazy about playing games in this category, then the RTS games section on this page is just right for you. These gaming products are very dynamic and can be played with friends online. The most interesting virtual simulators are already waiting for you here!