The ability to defend your home, city, or country from the invasion of enemies is one of the most essential. Even if the people are peaceful, this does not mean that they are immune from encroachments on their territory. Therefore, the construction of defensive structures has been given great attention since ancient times.

Once upon a time, the most effective solution to the problem of protecting cities was the construction of high fortress walls and observation towers. From their height, the district was clearly visible, and therefore, the enemy could not be taken by surprise. Many legends, books, and films are devoted to the heroic defense of the towers. You can plunge into this romance with the help of online games in which your task will be to prevent the tower from falling.

The enemy can be cunning: he will besiege the fortress for a long time, use powerful weapons, and even bribe the inhabitants of the fortress. However, your task is to repel all attacks and prevent them from getting close to the walls of the tower. Use various engineering structures to strengthen the defense of the tower and create additional obstacles for the enemy.

In some games, you will be offered ready-made towers, the inhabitant of which you will be guarding. For other scenarios, you will have to create towers and fortress yourself, and this will require planning skills. If you make a mistake, the enemy will easily break through this defense, and then, the game will not be completed. Therefore, over and over again, you will find all the best solutions because the enemy will prompt you with their actions.

The opponents can take on a variety of forms. It could be the troops of another country or monsters or even aliens. Those engineering structures that you have built against one enemy will be untenable for deterring another enemy, and vice versa.

Fantasize and find new original solutions that will help protect the inhabitants of the fortress. Such challenges develop logic and engineering thinking very well. They teach you not to give up in any situation and look for the mechanism that will change the situation in your favor.

Tower defense games are very dynamic and unpredictable. The more advanced the level of the game, the more inventive, powerful, and cunning the enemy is. He can even appear inside the fortress. And then, your task will be to clear the space of the tower from his agents. Such games are very exciting to play with other users as they will solve opposite problems and invent new and unexpected ways to get into the tower. Fight them on the walls to see whose tactics and strategies are more effective.

In this section, we have collected the best tower defense games. They represent different historical eras and peoples. Some of the games are based on real events, while others take you to a fantasy reality. Choose what will captivate and force you to mobilize all your intellectual abilities to save the world from the encroachments of an insidious and powerful enemy.