Even if video games were previously considered to be a boys' hobby, this is definitely not true today. Girls love gaming as much as boys, and video games have become universal. While all games can be played by anyone and there is no clear distinction in their target audience, there is a subcategory of titles created mostly for younger girls. These are popular online video games that girls can enjoy for free.

There are certain topics and themes that girls usually like more than boys do. They include fashion, relationships, beauty, and more. Such simple browser titles are a great option for girls to spend some time playing entertaining games without having to apply a lot of skill or bother with installing something.

Here are some of the most beloved video game themes in this category:

  • Dress-up – this is definitely one of the top genres among the games for girls. Dress-up games can be very different, from simple outfit selection to making runways and picking clothes to fit a certain theme. Many characters can be available for dress-up games too. From random models to Disney princes and princesses, there is a wide selection.
  • Makeup – players usually love experimenting with makeup as much as playing dress-up. Video games allow playing with all kinds of makeup and trying different styles. It is easy to try doing makeup in a video game and simply redo it however you want because this is much more difficult in real life, and you would need a lot of expensive makeup to do so.
  • Barbie – the most famous doll in the world is Barbie, and there are numerous video games with this character. Children love Barbie games, which is why there is a decent selection of titles featuring this beloved character. They include dress-up, romantic games, and different stories.
  • Cooking – cooking video games are always fun as they offer a variety of great recipes and have simple gameplay. There are games focused on certain dishes, such as cakes and desserts, or on all kinds of food. You can earn points by following the recipes correctly and doing everything on time. These games are great for improving your concentration and motor skills.

These are only a few game types that you can find in the games for girls category. This collection contains diverse games for players of different ages and with specific interests. Playing browser games has many advantages, and here are some of them:

  • Free – all these games are free to play. It is possible to try every single title in the catalog without paying for any of them. This is a great solution for players that want to try out many different games.
  • Low technical requirements – while many modern games take up a lot of space on your computer and require a powerful device to be able to work, browser games will work perfectly in any Internet browser on your computer.
  • Huge selection – the gaming library of browser games is very diverse. You will need a lot of time to try even half of these video games.

If you want to play some cool and fun games for girls, simply pick one of the titles available on the site.