For the longest time, there was a belief that video games are made for boys only. Today, everyone knows that this is not true, and both boys and girls love video games equally. There are no age limitations as well since people start playing games in childhood and enjoy them throughout their entire life. However, there are some gaming genres that are more popular among boys. It is definitely difficult to keep up with all the new releases, especially keeping in mind their price. If you love playing boys video games, you are lucky as there are tons of great games available online for free.

Games for boys is a category that contains a few video game genres that are most popular with this demographic. Browser games for boys are not as complex as PC or console video games, but they are high-quality, fun, and challenging nonetheless.

Here are a few of boys games types available in your browser:

  • Racing – one of the oldest video game genres is racing games. It is possible to play cool and fun racing titles online using only your browser. There is a wide selection of games, and you can choose the ones with fitting gameplay for you. Whether you prefer playing against a computer or other online players, the choice is yours.
  • Army – military theme is very common in boys video games. They include shooters where you need to either be stealthy or take out as many enemies as possible. Other games are focused on tanks and various kinds of military machines. If you are interested in an army theme, you will discover numerous great titles here.
  • Wrestling – as much as it is entertaining to watch wrestling matches on TV, it is also incredibly exciting to play through them. Browser games allow picking your fighter and participating in breathtaking wrestling matches.
  • Superhero – there are so many superheroes in modern media. Whether you like Marvel or DC characters or even something else entirely, there are tons of superhero-themed games available. Play as someone with superpowers and save people or defeat monsters with your great power.
  • Ninja – these ancient Japanese warriors are very popular in the media for their incredible power and mysterious nature. Of course, there are many video games that allow you to become a stealthy ninja on a mission.

These are only a few of the top popular games for boys. In each subcategory, there are dozens of great games, so you will definitely not get bored quickly. Browser games are not only fun but incredibly convenient. Here is why you should try playing games for boys online:

  • Free games – all browser games for boys are free to play. There is no need to buy these games or pay for your time playing. Just pick a game and start playing.
  • Convenience – each game works conveniently in your browser and you do not need to install any plugins or download the games.
  • Variety – hundreds of free games await you online, and it is possible to play them all.

Even if you play each game for a few minutes, you will not go through all of them any time soon. The variety of titles is so wide that you will never get bored.