It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of the Little Mermaid and her sisters. The inhabitants of the underwater depths are often found not only in cartoons, films, and books. They have also taken a special place in the gaming industry, winning the hearts of children and adults.

What are Mermaid Games?

Modern developers offer a wide range of games in which the main character is the Little Mermaid. The main character may look almost identical to the character from the cartoon of the same name or be an independent person.

As you might guess, in most projects, the action takes place in the depths of the sea. Additional characters can be the sisters of the little mermaid, their father, and representatives of the deep-sea flora and fauna. Of course, do not forget about the handsome prince and his retinue. He also often appears in such projects.

Which mermaid games are highly popular among gamers today? This category includes:

  • Adventure. In keeping with the characteristics of the genre, players will find exciting journeys through the water world and, possibly, land. Such games include numerous obstacles, traps, and trials. The main character will have to meet with numerous ill-wishers and solve many mysteries on the way to saving her friends, searching for jewels, and meeting with the prince.
  • Strategies. The little mermaid can act as a deep-sea queen, in whose subordination are other inhabitants of the deep. The sea mistress needs to make every effort to develop her kingdom and protect it from bad weather and enemies. In some games, the little mermaid will have to go to land and conquer the world of people. It seems incredible, but the heroine will learn to walk and be able to take her place in human society.
  • Wardrobe design. From such games, all little girls will definitely be delighted! Players need to work on a unique style for the little mermaid and prepare stylish looks for any situation. In front of you is the dressing room of the heroine and a lot of dresses, blouses, skirts, and other clothes that can be combined. Experiment and create everyday and festive outfits for the little mermaid.
  • Applying makeup. The little mermaid and her sisters are true girls who want to remain attractive no matter the situation. To do this, you need to help them create a spectacular image with makeup. At the disposal of the players are decorative cosmetics and all the tools necessary for their application. In such games, each girl will be able to realize her creative potential and try herself as a real makeup artist.

Who will like Mermaid Games?

Mermaid online games are a hit among the youngest gamers. But it is also difficult for their parents to stay away because colorful graphics and ease of management make such projects exciting and relaxing.

Adventures of the Little Mermaid will be a great option for fun family leisure. Choose a game and enjoy unexpected plot twists featuring charismatic characters!