Love games are a great option to learn as much as possible about this bright feeling. Sometimes, it is impossible to take your eyes off your loved one, trying not to miss a single moment and being embarrassed at every opportunity to speak. But it happens that there is no reciprocity and sympathy in a love story. Understanding all the intricacies of feelings is not easy. Sometimes, it takes weeks, months, and even years. And it happens all in one breath. You understand a person perfectly, and your love grows stronger with every second. We often confuse infatuation and love because their signs are very similar. For the beautiful half of humanity, this section contains the coolest games about love from those that are on the net today. In them, the most heartbreaking moments of the classic novel await you: long-awaited dates, fortune-telling in the style of "loves or dislikes," photos of many gentlemen, gatherings with girlfriends, and much more. Here, you will find for yourself arcades with famous heroes and their love adventures. You will also learn about all the rituals, like kisses, walks, dates, and more. Try to solve the problems of cartoon characters on the love front or help the bride find the missing groom so as not to disrupt the wedding ceremony. Test your knowledge in fun quizzes to find out what your significant other will be like. Immerse yourself in the world of love and romantic dates!

Online games from the “love” genre are a prelude to a real feeling that you will meet in real life. In the meantime, you can play for free, rehearsing the bright moments.

You have moved to a special section where you will find a huge number of games about love, which means you will get a charge of a truly kind, romantic, and warm mood. All games are distinguished by their quality because they are carefully selected.

If you are tired of the dullness of everyday life and nothing new and good has happened in your life for a long time, the category of games about love will definitely interrupt this gray streak and bring a little warmth and kindness to life. A lot of romantic scenarios, an abundance of a wide variety of game genres, intricate plots, and games that are just pleasant to the soul you will find in this category!

The category of games about love contains the most diverse variations of genres that are united by one thing — the greatest feeling that has inspired writers, artists, and, now, programmers of all ages. The category will allow you to visit a wide variety of situations: chance meetings that lead to love at first sight, romantic dates, scenarios of unrequited love, in which the main characters will seek the reciprocity of their chosen ones, games about kissing, dating, and more.

There are many games where the main goal is flirting. In these games, you usually play as a girl who flirts with guys. You need to make the maximum number of guys fall in love with you before the time runs out. Rivals are walking around, and they can beat your guy off or waste your time, so try to go where you won't have competitors.

There are many kissing games. Such a situation awaits you — you want to kiss your soul mate, but those who are nearby interfering with you. They can be curious neighbors, mothers, teachers, and other people. Your task is to arrange a kiss so that no one sees it.

Among other things, the category of games about love will introduce you to both new heroes that you have not met anywhere before and more famous characters. You will be able to play the role of Cupid and scatter your arrows, making different people fall in love with each other. In some games, you will go on unforgettable adventures, the goal of which is to find your second half. Having overcome all the obstacles on the way, you will only have to admire this indescribable power.

Take the quiz to see how you fit with your partner's names, but don't forget that they are in jest. In such games, you need to enter your name and the name of your beloved in special fields and press a button.

In some cases, love games can be useful. For example, if you do not know how to behave on a first date, the simulations available in the section will allow you to learn how to act in certain situations you may encounter. Also, some simulators will help you choose the right words to confess your love to the person you like. These aspects are vital for every person, and if you are too shy to ask your parents or friends about it, this category will definitely help you.