People adore stories. It is the stories that are best remembered, evoke the most emotions, and we like to tell them. We read books with pleasure, follow bloggers, and watch TV shows – everything happens with the help of stories. That's why one of the most exciting sections of the Game Karma website is the Story Games category.

An interesting plot perfectly complements high-quality graphics, intuitive gameplay, and other features of each game. In addition, the plot is closely intertwined with the tasks that the player has to perform. It is intriguing that in such games, you constantly have to interact with other characters. They can be both random users of the site and your friends who can join the game so that you can pass the levels together. In this format, these projects seem even more exciting and rich.

If you have long dreamed of becoming a part of an exciting story, like in a movie or a book, open the Story Games section, choose the project that seems most attractive to you, and enjoy every minute spent on the Game Karma website.

Key features of Story Games

Story Games have the main difference from other projects, which are also based on a certain plot. Unlike those entertainments, where the development of events is of secondary importance and the fulfillment of numerous tasks comes to the fore, story games depend as much as possible on the player.

Every decision you make changes the course of the game. It also depends on what quests you get and what the final will be. Not only the character but also you become an integral part of the whirlwind of events in which you fall.

In most cases, these projects have class management and not too complicated graphics. Despite the visual simplicity, the intensity of the process is admirable. You will have to not just forge tasks or go through quests but comprehensively develop your character and, at the same time, interact with other players. Although there are also projects where all characters except yours are virtual, that is, you just play with the computer.

However, the player plans their actions according to the development of the plot. So, it's a constant interaction where you get a lot of functionality (the exact number and list of options depend on the project you've chosen).

So what can you do in the game?

  • Dress up the character, pick jewelry for it, do hairstyles, and perform other procedures.
  • Go to school, to the store, to work, and perform other socially significant actions.
  • Get married, make friends, and take care of children.
  • Build a house, arrange a move, decorate rooms in the house and make repairs.
  • Planning parties, going to dances, riding horses, and traveling.

Some Story Games are shooters, strategy, and adventure games for boys of all ages. Therefore, in addition to the above functions, you may have to search for treasures, go on sea expeditions, build fortresses, etc.

In the story game, you have the opportunity to feel like you are in a movie, where you are the director and the performer of the main role. This is an extraordinary experience that you will enjoy if you like to take control of the development of events yourself. Push your hero to certain actions, perform various missions, and open new opportunities.

Story Games are also characterized by a certain canvas, against the background of which the events unfold, which you have a direct influence on. Thus, you fully control only your character, but, at the same time, you are surrounded by a certain game universe and virtual reality to which you have to adapt.

If you are tired of primitive games where everything is clear at first glance, Story Games will be able to interest you with unpredictable twists. You will get maximum immersion in the process, which you can enjoy both in front of your PC monitor and with a phone or tablet in your hands. Story online games do not need to be downloaded to your device – they are always available anyway. Just choose which character you will play today: make decisions, manage your tasks, and do your best.

Allow yourself to travel to an alternate reality and act there in a way that you would never dare to do in real life! We have selected for you the best online projects that are definitely worth your attention. So, search our catalog for your favorite Story Games.