For more than 50 years, the world-famous Barbie has enjoyed undeniable popularity. This legendary doll embodies the most ideal qualities and parameters, which many generations of women envy even today. With the birth of Barbie, a new era of style and fashion has appeared, and many of today's girls do not hesitate to imitate this toy "style icon."

The main secret is variety. If the Barbie doll had not changed at all since the late fifties, it would not be close to being so loved by all the girls today. From the very beginning, the creators of the doll made sure that the image of Barbie was constantly changing. She was blonde, brunette, brown-haired, and red-haired. She changed a great many professions: from a doctor to a farmer, from a housewife to a fashion model. She performed (and continues to perform!) in the role of fairy-tale characters: fairies with wings or mermaids with a tail. She can be an ordinary girl in a casual suit and a dazzling lady in a luxurious outfit. For half a century, Barbie has changed dozens, hundreds of images, and, of course, she will continue to change them.

The second secret is that Barbie is not a little girl but a charming woman. Unlike baby dolls, she allows her little mistresses to feel like adults, model the behavior of adults, and prepare for adulthood. Most of all, girls from five or six to nine or ten years old love Barbie: for them, the opportunity to feel older is especially important. Moreover, at the same time, you can change so many roles and professions! To enjoy the company of the legendary doll, just play one of the games in the corresponding category.

Barbie games are a colorful world of luxury and glamour, exquisite outfits, unique jewelry, and social events, in which every girl dreams of being at least for a while.

In this category of games, the user can try on the role of the most desirable doll in the world, who loves to relax in spas, travel the world, play sports, and try on great outfits. This type of entertainment will not leave indifferent the true connoisseur of a beautiful life and will allow you to take the most direct part in it. Initially, Barbie was an ordinary graceful girl, with bright makeup, huge eyes, and long hair, but gradually, a whole world arose around her, allowing the young beauty to change outfits, learn new professions, get her own home and pets, and find the love of her life.

Barbie games for girls include:

  • Stylish dress up;
  • Trendy hairstyles and make-up;
  • Pet care;
  • Interior design;
  • Performance on the big stage;
  • The opportunity to become a chef, yoga instructor, film actress, pop star, model, and more.

You can touch her wonderful world and realize your most beautiful fantasies. Barbie lives like in a fairy tale, so feel yourself the goddess of this life. Take yourself to the fairy world of Barbie and, while playing, dream about everything that the doll has!