Few people know that the birthplace of zombies is the islands of Haiti. It is here that the voodoo cult is located, which turns the dead into zombies. Monsters are the dead who have been revived through magic. Today, characters are used not only in movies, the popular computer entertainment of our time is online zombie games.

This section is for you if you enjoy battling the walking dead and other wicked spirits because you will discover a game here that you will enjoy. You can play all games of this category absolutely free of charge and without registering on the site. Basically, walking dead games are shooting games where you have to fight off a whole bunch of zombies and shoot them with different weapons. The main character can act as a defender of the earth or a warrior who will have to use all his strength and skills to prevent the walking dead from flooding the world. Online game developers have come up with a lot of ways to deal with zombies. A variety of weapons and ways to destroy zombies are available in projects. You can use guns, machine guns, pistols, bats, and knives, to crush enemies with cars and tanks, and much more. The zombie theme has come up many times over. Zombies are best known in American films. Although it would seem that nothing new could be expected from them, the developers show the outcome of their imagination and present fresh, intriguing web initiatives. Animated monsters do not feel pain and are difficult to kill because they are already dead. But if you cut off their head, the hero has a chance to survive.

Most often, zombies are depicted as hungry dead with terrible teeth that eat people. These monsters, though dangerous, are clumsy and easy to destroy. True, they are now also able to cunning and learn, and therefore, sometimes, it is necessary to approach the matter with fiction.

Although it appears that everything about walking dead is already known, zombie games continue to be popular. In many projects, you can shoot the entire clip of cartridges at the dead, but they only twitch a little and continue their hunt for people. Only a severed head can stop zombies forever.

The walking dead is very popular among thrill-seekers. Every year, there are hundreds of new zombie games. Games related to the zombie apocalypse take the player to an ominous and dangerous world in which, to survive, you will have to fight with the dead. In all games, zombies are very stupid; they are ruled only by the thirst to kill. But do not relax because they do not feel pain and attack in droves.

To defeat the dead, you will have to use any weapon from shotguns, pistols, and machine guns to axes, pitchforks, and shovels. The bravest heroes kill them with their bare hands. To effectively fight zombies, you need to know a few rules:

You only need to aim for the head. This is the most effective way to deal with the dead because, if he shoots off his arm or leg, he will still be able to bite the hero.

Do not stand in one place because zombies run to the noise, and it will not be easy to defeat a whole crowd of such cannibals.

Use your ammo carefully. In games of this genre, cartridges are worth their weight in gold. If you spend them right and left, you won’t live long.

Obsolete monsters were able to win millions of fans. What is it about them that could make them shoot hundreds of films and come up with thousands of games?

There are games about zombies that do not inspire fear at all but, on the contrary, are made with a humorous bias. If you don't feel like becoming a participant in massacres, in our catalog, you can find a multi-level strategy with elements of the economy, where plants will be your weapon against the insane dead. Here, each participant has his striking power, and from level to level of the online game, users get access to different vegetables and fruits for victorious battles. The user must cultivate the crops at his disposal on the green lawns and repel the invasion of obsessive corpses, which, in turn, also mutate all the time and increase their attacking abilities.

Most games are built solely on giving the player the ability to blow the brains out of sinister monsters. There are also those that have an interesting and intricate plot. In them, you will have to wander around the map and look for a cure. Naturally, on the way, you will have to deal with enemies.

Dozens of zombie games are collected on our site, so you can fight monsters for days on end. There are simpler games in which you only need to shoot accurately. But there are projects more difficult, in which you need to repel the attacks of opponents one after another. Here, the danger increases with each completed level. To reach as far as possible, you need to wisely spend your resources.