Monsters are favorite characters in many movies, books, and games. Authors and developers love them no less than viewers or players because the monster can take any shape and character in their fantasies. Both ancient myths and contemporary legends tell us about powerful monsters. Often, in the process of retelling those stories, monsters acquire even greater force. Therefore, when meeting one of them, a person can even laugh at how far a real monster can be from what people say about them. Do you want to fight the most vicious monsters or make friends with the cutest of them? Then choose exciting games about these fantasy creatures and go in search of unimaginable adventures.

Monsters aren't always scary. In our collection of games, there are plots in which monsters are very joyful and friendly. They are ready to have fun all day and invent new entertainment for themselves and others. And if in the process of this amusement, they scare someone, it is not from evil thoughts or intentions. They are just looking for friends who will not be afraid of them!

Monster games are very popular among children not only because the developers come up with the cutest faces for their heroes. Communicating with such monsters through the game, the child objectifies his fears and they disappear. He intuitively understands that fears can be hilariously laughed at and let go to scare other, less clever people. Freed from fears, the child begins to perceive the world in a new way, and there is no limit to their joy!

Adults also love monster games because they are great stress relievers. In a small evil one-eyed monster, you can see both the evil boss who got angry the day before and the neighbor who is always dissatisfied with something. Realizing that they are simply possessed by monsters, you will perceive any situation as funny and even feel sorry for them.

Sometimes, monsters are quite harmless, and they need to be protected from people who hunt and want to harm them. In these games, you will be a brave defender of monsters, fighting against slow-witted enemies.

There are other games where the monsters are much more powerful and pose a threat to your character. In this case, to move forward, it must be defeated. To do this, you need to pick up the appropriate weapon and develop enough advanced skills in your gaming character. Sometimes, monsters are so strong that they will knock your hero back, forcing him to be more resourceful and powerful. But when you eventually accumulate a lot of strength and defeat the monster, it's like you will grow wings behind your back. Finally, you can safely go to your goal, without fear of any obstacles and trials!

In browser games, you will find numerous types of monsters. Some of them are so ugly that you want to close your eyes and save yourself as soon as possible. Others are so cute that you will want to be in the shoes of such a monster or at least make him your friend. We have collected a wide variety of games featuring these popular characters. Decide which monster you want to meet today and go on unimaginable virtual adventures that will definitely bring a lot of positive emotions!