The topic of apocalypse has become very prominent in all kinds of media at the end of the last millennium. Just before the year 2000, it was very popular to discuss the possible end of the world. Of course, all popular ideas that occupy human minds find their reflection in music, art, cinema, and video games too. Because the apocalypse itself is not a genre but a topic for a piece of media, there are all kinds of apocalypse-themed video games today.

When exploring the idea of apocalypse, game developers generally have two main routes to take:

  • The apocalypse itself – the video game is set at the moment of the apocalypse or right before it happens, and the world comes to an end as the game progresses or if the player fails to save it.
  • Post-apocalyptic world – these games can show the apocalypse happening and everything that happens afterward or just be set in the aftermath. This is a very popular setting for a video game as survival titles are often well-received. However, not all apocalypse games should focus on survival. There might be titles in any genre and with any objectives while being set in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Regardless of the route that developers choose for their title, the games in question became so popular that they have made their way to Internet browsers too. Because of such popularity of the apocalypse theme, there are tons of video games for consoles, computers, and simple browsers. This way, all gamers can experience the joy of playing incredible video games set during or after the apocalypse.

Because apocalypse games are not a specific genre but an aesthetic or a theme, there can be numerous genres involved. Some video game types are more popular with this topic than others. You will not find an apocalypse cooking game, most likely, although it would gave been quite fun. But shooters and survival games, as well as some other genres, should be widely available.

Here are some of the apocalypse game types you can play:

  • Shooters – this is not only one of the most popular gaming genres of all time but a classic in the post-apocalyptic setting. The zombie apocalypse is one specific theme most loved by gamers and widely used in movies too. Zombie shooters can be incredibly fun and engaging as you will need to shoot through the hordes of zombies pushing at you from all directions.
  • Survival – while these games can include shooter elements as well, they often involve less action and more focusing on strategy, collecting resources, allocating them properly, building things, expanding your home or settlement, etc.
  • Puzzles – this is a genre of games that can be made in any setting. Even the most minimalistic puzzle video games can involve some sort of apocalypse theme, whether it is because of a natural disaster, zombies, aliens, or others.

All games mentioned above can be easily made to operate in an Internet browser. Such online games are usually simplified in comparison with classic computer titles. They are smaller in size and have more stylized designs to run smoothly in a browser. Nevertheless, game designers find ways to make such games look beautiful and engage players of all ages.