Typically, survival games include dialog, quest, or adventure elements. Recently, they have become one of the most common genres of games. Here, the hero pursues one goal — to survive. This is both a brief description of the genre and its indispensable condition. As a rule, the character enters an extremely hostile environment with almost bare hands and no weapons. You need to seek shelter, collect resources, create tools, build defenses, and explore the world around you. Survival games are similar in many ways. It is all the more valuable when a project stands out with its style.

In our Survival games category, there are projects in which the user can test their abilities and survival skills in various unpredictable situations. Basically, entertainment is based on survival simulators, where the user has to take control of the character and try to survive in difficult conditions. In the struggle, you have to rely only on yourself to survive. In each game, the main characters are in danger, the character can simply stumble, get hurt, and eventually die of blood loss.

Projects of the genre are distinguished by a tense atmosphere as users will face trials on which the survival of their characters depends. They give the maximum charge of emotions. Survival games involve several genres of action, pumping, shooter, and strategy at once. Projects combine a decent picture and an interesting plot. Realistic graphics and appropriate music create all the conditions for an exciting process.

Here, you will find such popular survival games as survival in the wild, survival on the island, survival in the forest, or during the apocalypse. You have to properly plan your actions and avoid fights if possible. In the catalog, you can always find for yourself those tests that are suitable for the level of complexity and interests. In trials, you can wield items such as an ax, a knife, a pistol, and other weapons. You can defend yourself from the attacks of various monsters, or you can simply lead a quiet life on some island, building a dwelling and collecting resources to create new items, weapons, and tools. Choose the game that suits your tastes and test what you can do when you are separated from your environment, away from civilization, and in emergency situations. There are projects where the hero must become the caretaker of the shelter. In it, people who escaped from the attack by nuclear bombs will have to survive and try to even somehow feel good. In the post-apocalyptic world where the characters enter, you need to look for resources like water and food, as well as give a worthy rebuff to enemies. Another direction of the plot is to create a character and go to explore the world while trying not to die of the walking dead and save as many survivors as possible.

In many survival projects, the death of a character is irreversible and requires the passage of the game from scratch. The struggle for life is complicated by the presence of strong and terrible opponents, while the main character is weakened and has limited abilities. Such games are inherent in the maximum injection of an atmosphere of fear and anxiety.

The instinct of self-preservation is inherent in each of us. Will such an ancient instinct help you overcome all difficulties and reach the victorious end? Survive in difficult conditions of lack of important resources and repel all enemy attacks. The main task of the user in all projects is to save his life. Survive among dinosaurs, zombies, in prison, in water, and in the air, and temper your character by winning. Imagine that you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world where it doesn't matter who you were before; the only important thing is to survive. There are resources hidden around that will help you emerge victorious. To escape, you need to act quickly and confidently and collect weapons, medicines, and other resources. And use them wisely. Sounds simple, right? But this is not so at all. In our survival games, you will have to learn how to endure all the hardships of life and try to survive at any cost.

The main essence of the game in this genre is the study of the area, finding useful resources, and destroying enemies. There are also elements of strategy when it is important to be one step ahead and consider in which direction to go next. During the game, you will have to correctly use ammunition, find shelters, work out plans for an attack or retreat, and quickly solve many tasks in a similar spirit.

This section is dedicated to games with the theme of survival, in which everyone can test their skills as a fighter for life. New games in the genre are released regularly. Perhaps, people simply enjoy overcoming obstacles.