Until now, developers are creating more and more new projects that combine elements of both arcades and other genres, trying to attract the attention of more people and create something interesting and unique. Although the peak of arcade popularity came at the end of the 20th century, this genre has a huge number of devoted fans who do not let it end its existence to this day.

Arcade is a genre of computer games that involve short-term intense gameplay. For example, flying airplanes, Tetris, games in the style of "collect balls in a row," and the like. It is important to understand that the arcade is often combined with other types of genres. For example, there are races, simulators, shooters, platformers, fighting games, and so on.

Match-the-ball-style games may not have an ending at all unless the user closes it. Therefore, on the one hand, such an arcade can be called endless. But on the other hand, there is hardly a person who will collect balls for 10 hours in a row.

Among the main features of the arcade games are:

  • Small locations. It is not difficult to guess that such games, in general, rarely need large locations.
  • Simple graphics. Of course, arcades can also have cool graphics, but this is usually not required.
  • Primitive AI. Most often, in arcade games, the actions of opponents involve very primitive action patterns. Often, they are limited to a certain route of movement and some of the simplest interactions with the character.
  • Easy gameplay. It implies quite simple mechanics that are quickly mastered by players.
  • The plot is rarely present. The plot at least implies a duration, so it is rarely seen. This is usually no more than a few phrases in the style of "they went there" or "we need to collect a few things."
  • Score points. Arcade games were one of the very first games. And since they imply a certain primitivism, a competitive mechanism for motivating players was needed. They were scoring.

Initially, arcade games were called the same. This fact determines their specificity. Firstly, the machines were not suitable for complex story games. Secondly, they were placed in crowded places, so they had to be attractive to a wide target audience, including both children and adults, and, accordingly, as simple as possible. Thirdly, many did not have time to play for a long time. Besides, there were queues near the machines, so the game had to be fast.

However, the genre has not yet exhausted itself, so the famous arcade games were ported, and a number of new ones were created, especially for the computer. Of course, with certain adaptations. The main features of the genre — simplified gameplay and graphics — remained unchanged. Today, arcades remain a common genre of computer games. Because there are many varieties of them, everyone can find one that suits their interests.

Arcades are divided into many sub-genres. Among them, the fighting game stands out in popularity. The goal of any fighting game is to defeat the opponent with whom the fight will take place one on one. In this case, both artificial intelligence and another player can act as an enemy. The action takes place in a 2D format in the arena; respectively, the heroes can only be observed from one side. You have to fight the enemy with the help of various hand-to-hand combat techniques (in some game series — using melee weapons), which vary depending on the selected character. At the same time, the hero has HP — a health scale, and each hit of the enemy takes a certain number of points from it.

Another common type of such active games is racing. At the same time, it is important to distinguish arcade racing from other varieties (simulators). In arcades, the driving process is simplified, and the laws of physics are not taken into account. For example, when crashing, the car does not receive damage, and the surrounding world is poorly drawn.

There is another variety — so-called classic arcade games, united only by features common to this genre. The goal of the game is to collect as many points as possible. You can find similar and many other browser games in the Arcade Games category!