Games of the Bomberman category were popular even on the Dandy consoles. A lot of time has gone by since then. Therefore, today, you have a great opportunity to play such arcade games and nostalgic for the old days. The graphical interface of Bomberman games is the simplest, without any boring excesses, and attracts the attention of every gamer. Therefore, pick up the bombs and start the adventure.

The main game character Bomberman is a fairy-tale character, who is in a spacesuit and has an endless supply of explosives. He is shown as a brave yet happy person who frequently saves his homeworld from destruction. Like all other Bombermen, he can make bombs with his hands. The final objective of the game is to transform the protagonist into a man, but to do this, you must complete every stage, which takes the shape of a basement filled with terrifying tales. At every corner, you will be waiting for the danger that you need to deal with. You will have to restart the level if the adversaries locate you. In addition to the main character in games of the Bomberman category, there are other characters:

  • Black Bomberman is Bomberman's main competitor, often performing actions such as robbing banks to get the player to fight him. This hero eventually becomes Bomberman's friend and acts as the second playable character in the game.
  • Max, Bomberman's arrogant competitor, challenges him to see who can collect the most charaboms. Max wears black armor with a helmet that completely hides his face.
  • Dr. Ein is a scientist who helps Bomberman. He is eccentric and does not seem to show many emotions. He is overweight, has white ragged hair, and wears comic glasses with spirals depicted on the lenses.
  • Small monsters called Charabom advance Bomberman by giving him new skills. Bomberman often finds Charabom trapped in cages, and he can partner with one of them to use his ability.
  • Dastardly Bombers is a group of five bosses. Magnet Bomber has a magnet on his helmet that can attract bombs. The Golem Bomber is larger than the others and uses incendiary bombs. Pretty Bomber stands out from her masculine colleagues because of her pink skirt, bright yellow scarf, and heart-shaped helmet. Brain Bomber is the group's engineer, wearing a cape and a crown symbol on his helmet. Plasma Bomber is the leader of the group, wearing a scarf and a lightning bolt emblem on his helmet that is capable of producing electric current.

The gameplay of the Bomberman games category is both simple and complex but with a very addictive storyline. Most of the games in the category are made in the arcade maze genre. In a labyrinth with movable and immovable barriers, the player controls a character. It can leave a bomb that explodes after a fixed amount of time and destroys walls near it. Special bonuses can increase the number of simultaneously dropped bombs, the range of their explosion, the speed of the hero's movement, the ability to detonate bombs at the touch of a button, immunity from bomb explosions, passing through destructible walls or their undetonated bombs. There are enemies on the level.

In several of the games in the series, defeating foes is necessary to open a door that is concealed behind one of the walls that may be destroyed to advance to the next level. Other games are designed for multiplayer on one screen; the goal in them is to defeat all opponents. Discover the amazingly fun and multiplayer category of Bomberman games. All players fell in love with this game since it is so straightforward and addictive.