Mario is a name, at the mention of which many recall the image of a jumping mustachioed man in overalls and a red cap. And this is not surprising because Super Mario is not just the legendary series of Nintendo games but also the image that became the forefather of the platformer genre. Although 35 years have passed since the first appearance of the famous plumber, people all over the world continue to this day, together with Mario, to save the princess.

Today we are used to the fact that an interesting game is a beautiful picture, game mechanics, multi-level, and a plot — and all this at the same time. And at the dawn of the 80s, this was very difficult to implement in video games for arcade machines. In those days, it was fashionable to create the same type of races and “shooters” with very simple mechanics of interaction within the game. There was no question of a full-fledged plot with a self-sufficient story.

But everything changed when Nintendo, or, to be more precise, Shigure Miyamoto, presented his brainchild — Donkey Kong, in which the plot came out on top, which in many ways interested the players of that time. In the game, we had to save the beautiful Paulina from the captivity of a large gorilla (the prototype of King Kong). The main role was played by a carpenter, who at first was called Jumpman — to save Paulina, it was necessary to climb up the scaffolding and pass various obstacles.

The game immediately attracted the attention of gamers because it combined what served as a further secret to the success of the future Super Mario series:

  • A simple but complete and understandable story — there is a hero, a villain, and a beauty who needs to be saved.
  • Easy but, at the same time, addictive gameplay — knocking down barrels and other obstacles.
  • A pixelated but funny carpenter in overalls who transforms from an ordinary worker into a savior hero.

Donkey Kong made such a splash after the release that Nintendo did not have time to install arcade machines with the game, and the mustachioed carpenter received not only a new name but also a separate independent game.

Super Mario Bros. became so popular that it got into the Guinness Book of Records — video game sales exceeded 40 million copies. The famous plumber was also ranked #1 on EGM's "200 Greatest Video Games of Our Time" list. Mario later became not only a symbol of Nintendo but also one of the most famous game characters in the world.

The banal but familiar since childhood story of the salvation of the beauty will always be clear to each of us. Just like the desire to become a superhero. And Mario just proves to us that it is not necessary to be a prince or a superman to save his beloved — just jump higher. Today, Mario and his brother Luigi and friends travel through 3D worlds where they can transform into a cat, fight arena bosses, swim between islands, and race dinosaurs.

Browser Mario Games will allow users of any age to plunge into the atmosphere of one of the best games in the world. Brave plumber Mario is still looking for his princess. Together with him, several generations of gamers travel through dark dungeons and high mountains, but toys with this hero are still popular. At each level, a new challenge awaits you in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is completely overgrown with predatory flowers, walking fly agarics, and other dangerous creatures. Brave Mario must overcome all these obstacles, find his way through the labyrinth, and save his beloved princess.