What child or adult doesn't know Sonic? The character can boast of mobility, is a tireless fan of jogging and adventure, is not afraid of problems, willingly participates in races and battles, and launches his golden rings to defeat enemies.

The game was a kind of platformer like Mario, but the character in the game was incredibly fast. It was for this dynamic that people fell in love with the first game about the blue hedgehog, and such a fast rendering of graphics in those years amazed millions of people. But the disadvantages of this game are also present, all the same, the game was an experiment in the form of the first game in the series. The fact is that everyone's favorite dynamics dominated only in the first zone; in all other zones, we have to go through a slow and complicated platformer. Sonic and Sonic 2 are two games that received good reviews from the public and helped keep the character still alive. Despite its flaws, people continued to fall in love with this game.

Due to the popularity of the character, Hedgehog's creators decided to make a compelling movie. Sonic has recently changed from being a video game to becoming more of a media brand.

The fate of the main character is to battle foes who attempt to disrupt the tranquility of the nice people who inhabit his world. The character's main and most immediate weapon is a set of golden rings that give him strength and power.

Today, this hero appears frequently in stories of various genres, and characters from other games appear to be in his company. Hedgehog and the similarly well-known Mario frequently appear together in battles rather than fighting separately. Playing Sonic games is enjoyable since the plots present a variety of fresh experiences in which you must assist the hedgehog in overcoming obstacles. It might involve escaping a maze, fending against zombies, or defending an orchard from a flying mouse invasion. You can find the project where your hero riding a motorcycle, becoming both a witness and an accomplice to his recklessness. He drives deftly up steep hills, even more deftly down them, and performs tricks on the ramp, all while collecting his weapon — golden rings — along the way. Along with the rings, there are other useful items in the game. For example, it is a boosted jump artifact. Picking it up, Sonic will be able to jump not to the usual height but literally soar into the air. There is also a positive side to this since in the sky, he is waiting for an unexpectedly large cluster of rings and then a rainbow platform with bags full of valuables.

The main task is to pass a certain level. On the way, your hero comes across all sorts of monsters and fabulous monsters that Sonic has to kill or bypass. His possible actions are jump, kick, and also a super kick, which turn the main character into a dangerous ball during a steep descent from the hill. These spectacular and dangerous actions help Sonic to prevail in the battle. Sonic can run extremely quickly in sprint mode, but his strength is limited and he could run out of power.

The game can be described as a standard walker, but after a few levels, opinions about the system change because exciting adventures are quickly addictive. The main indicators of a good game in Sonic are the time the level passed, the site, the number of monsters killed, and the number of coins collected. The main goal of jumping in the game is to overcome gaps and run as far as possible over the distance. Therefore, during the Sonic race, you should monitor his safety and only then take care of the accumulation of rings.

The original Sonic game has won the hearts of many players and has transcended simply being a good game. The industry went through several cycles of evolutionary leaps, and Sonic's exploits ended up serving as a sort of engine for the whole thing. So, why do users love the Sonic The Hedgehog series? In actuality, there is no surefire way to respond. Someone like Sonic just as a character, someone like Sonic games, someone like the plot of Sonic, and someone like Sonic's media space.