Pinball is a game where you collect points by manipulating balls on the playing field. Your task is to score as many points as possible and stay in the game as long as possible. The game has a real prototype — a field covered with glass. Metal balls move through this field, which must be deflected with flippers. Players compete to score more points than their opponent or to set their record. The game is as simple as it is exciting because you don't notice how time melts away during this activity.

So, if you have a little free time and don't know how to have fun, open the Game Karma website. We have collected different pinball games from the best developers. It's easy to get stuck in, so be careful and set a timer so you don't miss an important meeting or a trip to the gym. Playing pinball is interesting and fun. Try it yourself, show your friends, compete for the championship, and set records. It will be fun!

Pinball: A game that everyone adores

This game became a classic from the moment it appeared in various establishments. The same thing happens in the online format. Pinball is a cult game that does not get boring, although there is nothing radically new in it since its first release. It's just a generator of cool emotions and fun, so the game is loved by everyone who tried to drive the ball around the playing field, not allowing it to finally fall to the bottom.

What will be the basis of your success in pinball?

  • Reaction speed;
  • Instant decision-making;
  • Precise coordination of movements;
  • Just a luck.

Thanks to these qualities, you can become a real pinball champion, become famous among your friends, and, at the very least, have fun. It is unlikely that pinball will lose its relevance. Especially since now, it is not necessary to visit pubs or other entertainment facilities where pinball playing fields were previously installed. You can simply go to the appropriate section on the Game Karma website and start the game without delay. All you need for this is a computer and the Internet. You can try different versions to choose which one you like best. Explore the Pinball Games section and let it bring you fun and a good mood.

How to control the ball in online pinball?

The pinball championship is not fiction. Some players compete to see who can control the ball longer. So, you can talk about your successes not only to friends and acquaintances but also to other pinball fans.

How to become a real pinball champion?

To achieve amazing results, you need to practice. Practice is the best way to learn how to control the ball and not let it fall. Alternately move the flippers, follow the trajectory of the ball, and react as quickly as possible.

Try to aim the ball with the top part of the pinball. Thanks to this, the ball will not have time to roll down. Online pinball follows realistic physics, so this trick works great.

If you see that the ball is falling right in the middle but can't grab it from either side, try alternating very quickly with the right and left flippers. This gives you a chance to push the ball up again, where you are guaranteed to be able to handle it.

Features of controls, the flippers' number, and their location on the playing field depend on a specific game project. So, first, read the instructions provided by the developer. However, even if you skip this step, the control of the ball is intuitive, so you will not encounter any significant difficulties along the way.

Try to play several times in a row, and you will see that it is easier for you to cope with this task each time. Be attentive, quick, and persistent. This is the basis of success in pinball.

You can accumulate points, which is your main task. However, you can also collect bonuses or access extra levels. That is, despite the classic component, each developer offers their vision of how to make pinball even more interesting. Why don't you take advantage of this?