Shooting is one of the most admired online games for children and adults, for boys and girls. In this category of games, the player opens up a magnificent world of shootings with various possibilities and a bunch of weapons. High-quality graphics and animation, as well as thoughtful plot and sound effects, make these games some of the most exciting ones. Even the most sophisticated and spoiled gamer will be able to find a game to their preferences and have a great time.

By playing Shooting games on our website, you can fight against various types of soldiers, bandits, robots, aliens, monsters, and even zombies. We have selected for you more than a hundred Shooting games from the most trusted providers. Most games of this genre have a 3D graphics mode, where the player controls his character from a third person. Consequently, this option makes the gameplay comfortable and easy to control. You can choose a game with a bottomless plot or with an online mode where you can play a shootout with real players from all over the world. You just need to join one of the games on the server and start covering your team by shooting at the players of the opposite team.

All Shooting games available on this page open up a fascinating world of battles using various types of weapons. Thanks to thoughtful plots and high-quality graphics, such games will give a lot of impressions. You will definitely get the impression that you are participating in a real shootout. To gain experience in real battles, beginners can start playing games where they act as immortal robots. Additionally, Shooting games have a positive effect on the brain, train memory, and improve intelligence and reaction. For the little ones, there are such types of shooting games that contribute to the development of fine motor skills and imagination.

Shooting games are suitable for kids of all ages. For the little ones, from three to six years old, we offer such games as duck shooting, bubble shooting, etc. Kids aged seven and up might enjoy shooting monsters, dragons, and zombies more. Of course, you know how popular the zombie theme is all over the world right now. Dozens of films and series have already been shot on this topic, including such a popular one as The Walking Dead. Therefore, we have collected a lot of games in which children and adults can fight zombies using a variety of weapons. Many children and adults like hunting games. On this page, you will find some exciting games where you can get a lot of adrenaline from hunting wild lions and tigers.

Statistics show that shooting games are a wonderful entertainment that allows you not only to relax and unwind but also to more easily endure stress and learn how to make decisions in unusual life situations. On our site, there are shooting games for every taste. You can play all of them for free and without registration. Unforgettable adventures, exciting military missions, and tough battles are waiting for you here. Moreover, you can take part in the operation held by special agents or try yourself as a sniper or a skilled archer. All you need to do is choose what weapon you wish to use. Players can select from a machine gun or rifle, blade or axe, bow or paintball gun, etc. It all depends on your level of courage and purpose.

Overall, dangerous shootouts with heavily armed commandos, as well as with hungry and scary monsters, are waiting for you 24/7. You can act as a sniper, defender, or the last survivor. The main thing is not to lose hope, to believe in yourself and your gun. In some games, in addition to simple weapons, grenades, rockets, explosives, and various super abilities, such as flight, fast running, super defense, and so on are available to you. Are you ready for unforgettable and thrilling shooting? Then, choose one of these games and start tough shootouts right now!