Sniper games belong to one of the most common genres of online games in which a gamer controls a game character, fighting with virtual enemies, or with other players. This genre is one of the most popular and favorite among players for its active and exciting gameplay.

What is the game about? This is usually a location or level, which is some kind of enclosed space that the player must go through by completing various tasks. In this case, the player is waiting for various misfortunes in the form of monsters or other players.

In addition, the player can expect traps and puzzles that they need to overcome. There can be many such locations in the game, and with each subsequent level, the difficulty of passing increases. In addition to enemies and friends, NPCs, that is, neutral characters can be located in the gameplay.

In addition, there can be a different number of rooms and dungeons that the player must go through, explore, collect all the supplies, and, of course, destroy all the enemies. However, in some games, there are empty rooms, the passage of which is optional, but the player does not know about it, in which case time is wasted.

Sniper subgenres

There are two most common sub-genres of sniper games – first person (FPC) and third person (TPC).

In the first case, the player, as it were, sits inside the character and looks at the world through his eyes. It turns out that he is I. At the same time, he sees his hands and weapons, if any, since sometimes, you have to fight with your bare hands.

This type is convenient in that it is possible to aim well since the sight is right in front of the eyes. In addition, the player sees the exact actions of his hands and feet, when falling or crouching, and the perspective of the horizon changes. However, it may be inconvenient in the case of overcoming obstacles.

When jumping over any obstacle, the player is not able to control the height of the jump, and usually, the computer calculates it. Therefore, sometimes, you have to jump over obstacles five or more times.

A third-person shooter is characterized by the fact that the player sees his character from the side, mainly from behind. It is convenient to control all movements, running, squatting, and jumping. However, it is inconvenient to conduct aimed fire. Only in the case of using an optical sight, it increases, covering the entire game panorama, just like in a first-person shooter.

There are games that combine both of these subgenres. In them, the player can arbitrarily choose which mode to play in, first or third person. It depends on the gameplay itself and the composition of the participants.

Moreover, there are single-player and multiplayer sniper games. In single-player, the player controls his character alone while fighting against virtual villains controlled by the computer. In multiplayer shooters, several players participate, who can play either for themselves or as a team against a team.

In multiplayer games, locations with open spaces are often used since a large number of participants on the same indoor level will simply interfere with each other. On such maps, a huge number of players can take part, in conducting large-scale battles and using military equipment.

Sniper games are controlled with the mouse and keyboard. Depending on the configuration, you can aim and shoot with the mouse, move with the arrows or WASD keys, and there are also a number of additional keys to perform any action.