The world-famous PUBG computer game has become a true industry phenomenon. Fortunately, you can play games from this genre right in your browser today. PUBG unleashed the potential of the royal battle, but to reach such heights, the game encountered a lot of difficulties.

PUBG was originally created as a mod for DayZ. Brendan Green was able to solve the main problems of the product, so his brainchild attracted a lot of attention. However, DayZ later became a standalone game, and H1Z1, which was being developed by Green under Sony, did not live up to expectations.

As a result, Green abandoned development and traveled from hot Brazil to South Korea to lead a new project. Bluehole, a Korean publisher, considered Green's idea beneficial as the format was completely new to the Asian public. And, oddly enough, the company did not lose by taking on PUBG. In 2017, the game entered Steam Early Access. The project collected the first million copies sold in a week, five million in a little more than a month, and, apparently without straining at all, crossed the threshold of a peak online of three million people. The novelty of Bluehole Ginno Games took thoughtful gameplay — not too difficult but requiring tactical thinking.

Then, the time came for the first professional tournaments with decent promotions and worthy prizes. It turned out that PUBG has a fair amount of competitive potential. Someone complained about the great role of chance, but specially designed tournament rules helped to minimize it and turn battle royale into an e-sports discipline. And there, at the end of 2017, the Xbox One version arrived in time. From the outside, the picture looked great, but inside, it was not so fun. A small team with great difficulty coped with the unexpected popularity of their offspring.

PUBG has received a new life on mobile platforms. iOS and Android versions are beautiful, fun, and most importantly, a full-fledged battle royale in a portable format. Not surprisingly, in the Asian region, especially in online gaming-obsessed China, PUBG Mobile simply washed away all competitors, breaking the record of the popularity of the older PC version by a dozen times. Successes in the rest of the world turned out to be only a little more modest, so PUBG Mobile has become, perhaps, the most popular mobile game on Earth. In addition, prizes at e-sports tournaments are no worse than on large platforms.

In fact, only one trouble prevented the distribution of the product — the high system requirements of PUBG, which at times managed to slow down even on top-end hardware. Bluehole dealt with the problem in the simplest and most obvious way: they launched a light version in open beta mode.

Since the first version of PUBG went into early access, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. The game itself has changed, the market has changed, and the players have changed. Brendan Green no longer personally supports his project, but under his leadership, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has grown from an amateur mod into a real gaming phenomenon. Play PUBG Games right in your browser and experience everything that users love in this game so much!