What started as the most simple and fun games on the earliest consoles now has turned into hyper-realistic and extremely difficult video games that challenge your gaming skills all the time. Many developers strive to create video games with intricate plot lines and new mechanics that require incredible skill from the player and test the limits of modern games. However, there is a huge demographic of players that still want to enjoy simpler titles, at least from time to time. This is where hyper casual games come into play.

Hyper casual games are video game titles that have specific features. Here are some of the things that make a casual video game:

  • The easiest mechanics – these games are incredibly easy to play. While some of them involve pressing a few buttons, the gameplay mostly requires simply clicking on the screen.
  • Simplified design – even design-wise, these games are very simple in order not to be overstimulating or intricate.
  • No plot – such video games do not require any plot lines to be entertaining. There might be just some lore in certain cases, but overall, you can just play without knowing or learning anything.
  • Low requirements – one of the best things about casual games is their low technical requirements. While the latest console games that push the boundaries of video game development require expensive equipment and a lot of space, hyper casual games can be played right in your browser within seconds.

We all know these great video titles that only require clicking the screen occasionally while providing endless fun. People play such simple and fun games for many reasons. While the newest cinematic titles are absolutely amazing, there is time and place for all gaming genres. Here is why many gamers enjoy hyper casual titles so much:

  • Passing the time – if you want to kill some time, playing a casual game is a great solution. You can jump right into the game and spend the time thanks to repetitive mechanics.
  • Lower your stress – many casual games can be a great anti-stress solution. They are very easy, which means you will not need to try to excel in them. In addition, you will still get the feeling of accomplishment when finishing the levels or reaching new heights.
  • Inspiration – there is so much you can do with a simple game design. However, developers still manage to create unique video games with the little assets they have. It is very inspiring to see how diverse and unusual these little video games can be.
  • Accessibility – not everyone is a gamer, of course. Many people play video games rarely or do not play them at all. Some video games can be marketed as easy to play, but in reality, they are simple for people with appropriate gaming experience. Hyper casual games are fully accessible to everyone, from children to older people.

Another thing that makes casual games so amazing is the simplicity of their production. They are very easy to make for developers, which results in an abundance of hyper casual titles on the market. You can discover a variety of casual games in the catalog and try all of them to see which one suits you best.