We all remember how popular fidget spinners have become a few years ago. This was a total craze, and everyone had at least one fidget spinner on them to be able to play with it at any time. In reality, fidget spinners were invented in the nineties, but they gained incredible popularity not so long ago. Much like with fashion, many toys and games also become popular once again after time passes.

While many people seemed to fail to understand what is so special about these spinners, this was exactly the point. They are as simple as a toy could get, and this simplicity is exactly what people need today to relieve stress. The market is overflowing with complicated and expensive toys, which can get boring at this point. The same can be said about the video games market. This is why digital fidget spinner games were also very well received.

What are fidget spinner games? You cannot physically spin this toy if you are playing a computer game and the tactile soothing feeling is missing. However, video games are also often used to alleviate stress, and this is the idea behind digital fidget spinners as well. In fact, they are even more diverse than physical toys as they can have different mechanics. Obviously, you need to spin the toy very fast to win, but there can be different rules and requirements.

Here are some of the fidget spinner titles available:

  • Clicker – these are the most simplistic games you could find online. They are made to be stress-relieving and have none of the difficult controls or plots to keep up with. All you need to do is use your mouse and click and drag to make the spinner do its thing. You can play alone and see how many spins your fidget spinner does and compete against the computer or the other online gamers.
  • Arcade – this is a more fun approach to virtual fidget spinners. You might need to collect different things to make the toy spin as fast as possible. There might be obstacles or other players too that will reduce the speed of your spinner if you crash into them. These games will test your skill and agility if you want more action than simply spinning the thing.

The benefits of online browser games are similar to those of real fidget spinners. The main idea is to provide simplicity and accessibility. If you combine the two. players will receive fun and simple games to play at all times without needing to have a powerful computer or console. Browser games on the catalog are also free of charge and plentiful, which means that any player can simply open their favorite browser and start gaming instantly.

Of course, these games are a great time killer. Even if you are not a fan of such simple video games, all players want to enjoy something very easy from time to time. These games usually do not require any thinking, and you can relax while playing them. Just like a real fidget spinner, you can try such titles if you want to reduce your stress and more complex games are too demanding for you at that moment.