Most of today's high-quality computer games have complex, intricate plots. The process of passing such a game turns into a kind of movie with gameplay elements. But sometimes, you just want to relax after work or study and spend a couple of hours for simpler and more relaxing entertainment. In terms of purpose, Addictive Games have simple rules, and the user foes not need good computer skills. Many titles also have attractive graphics and almost no text.

Since Addictive Games are not too complicated, almost any type of user will find them suitable and attractive. Often, these games must be completed in a limited time, so they are suitable for people who cannot devote much to gaming. Nevertheless, you should not think that simple gameplay will allow you to win without any effort.

Casual gameplay is considered simple only due to the ease of basic rules. For example, if you collect three or more identical items in a row, they will disappear, and you will get points. To win, you must collect, for instance, 100 points. In the coming levels, requirements can become more tricky, such as the number of items for a combination, special chips, etc. Some perks or skills may be added, but they are all in terms of the simple gameplay principle.

As a rule, the only action you need to play Addictive Games is to tap the mouse button. You do not need to play continuously for hours, unless, of course, you want to. However, the game implies you play for 20-30 minutes and get back to your activities. There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, a player usually launches the game when they have time for this: on the way to work or study, during lunch break, etc.
  • Secondly, casual games have very simple gameplay, and, as a rule, player retention is carried out due to portioned delivery of content. The player should not play too much; otherwise, the simplicity of all the features becomes obvious to them, and the game begins to seem primitive and boring to them with monotony.

Addictive Games, although they are distinguished by the simplicity of design and gameplay, must be of high quality. This will allow them to attract many more users. Often, a topic that is familiar in different cultures is chosen as an idea. It could be sports, animals, or a normal social situation.

Addictive Games have the following features:

  • Simple rules;
  • Minimalistic interface and intuitive control;
  • Interesting ideas, including those concerning musical and graphic performance;
  • Rounds of games. Short in terms of time; in addition, you can easily pause them and continue playing without any problems later, at any convenient moment;
  • In the course of the game, its levels gradually become more difficult;
  • Familiar gameplay elements, including colored tiles or maps.

All these and other characteristics of browser games make them interesting and, at the same time, simple. This is a great way to spend your free time with a cup of tea. Browser-based Addictive Games will help you take your mind off problems, enjoy calm and measured gameplay, and just relax after a hard day.