Today, simple games for computers, mobile phones, or consoles are popular with hundreds of millions of people around the world. In addition, gaming broadcasts gain tens and hundreds of millions of hours watched per month. Young children, teenagers, and even adults play games.

Although at first glance, the simple game seems to be a pointless activity, behind it, there is entertainment, a pause, creativity, and, to some extent, a learning process. Babies begin to feel, children build towers, move into different roles, and later learn to follow the rules. By the way, playing together, they will learn how life together works.

Play has always been an important part of human development, but the way we play is increasingly changing. Even toddlers play with flashing and talking bears, and older kids drive electric cars.

Simple games for the whole family

With modern technological advances, games improved more and more graphically, and with Ultima Online in 1997, an online role-playing game was created for the first time, in which several thousand players could be online at the same time. In the world of consoles, Sony's Playstation first entered the market, and in 2002, Microsoft's Xbox. Meanwhile, Nintendo released the Wii, which now also supports puzzles, sudoku, music, tennis, and boxing.

The booming smartphone and tablet market in the mid-2000s soon created a huge new sub-market for game developers. Gaming trends have also quickly spread across the Internet, for example, virtual constructors have gained a huge number of fans.

Now, there are online simple games in which tens of thousands of players interact, mostly distributed over several servers. Free downloadable games are also becoming more and more popular, and since 2016, VR glasses have provided the first opportunities to play in augmented and virtual reality.

What is so exciting about simple online games?

Online games are particularly popular due to their easy access. While gamers still buy a lot of video games, most online gamers usually download a new, often free game with a single click – whether it's on a PC, console, tablet, or smartphone. In the case of paid games, there is usually a free trial option after which you can decide if you want to end up buying the game or not. Moreover, you can play simple games without the need to download them.

Now, you can play digitally anytime, anywhere: on your way to work, school, or university, during a break, or at home on the couch. Some downloadable games do not even require an Internet connection. This makes digital games an easy, quick distraction that does not require much effort or special timing.

It has been proven that after a long and tiring day at work, simple games even relieve stress and distraction. The addictive gameplay also gives players an adrenaline rush. In addition, they can experience small successes within the game, for example, when they reach a new level or overcome an obstacle.

The area of online games and consoles is constantly improving with the development of digital technologies – this is how countless updated and diverse game content is created. There are now thousands of online simple games with completely different stories, characters, and goals.

The field of games covers a wide variety of interests: studies have shown that girls mainly choose games related to cooking or fashion, women prefer word games or quizzes, and male players most often choose action games or sports games.