Jumping games are a favorite genre of many players. The Jumpman project of 1983 became a pioneer in this genre. After that, the game worlds were flooded with hundreds of interesting games with difficult jumps, traps, obstacles, and epic adventures. Each developer in their way embodies the idea of games with jumps. In this section, we have collected the best projects that will allow you to enjoy a rich plot and flawless gameplay. Here, you will go through difficult paths, constantly try to jump as high as possible, and defeat enemies.

Why are simple jumping games so popular?

A character in a jumping game is not a random hero. He has a clear goal and numerous obstacles to its achievement. You will be able to become a participant in a rescue mission, explore new territories, extract resources, and pass on dangers that arise out of the blue. Everywhere, you have to react instantly because, otherwise, you will have to go through the level from the very beginning.

Even when thousands of online games for consoles and computers have become available, jumping games are fantastic. New projects of this genre appear every year. They allow you to immerse yourself in a carefree atmosphere, where time flies by imperceptibly. In some games, you can even create your levels, placing obstacles the way you want and adjusting the level of difficulty. If you like this work, you can invite your friends to participate – playing games with jumps together is even more engaging.

The main skills that you develop during the game

Jumping games give you cleverness, dexterity, and incredibly quick reaction. Without these skills, it is impossible to pass any level of even the simplest game. In addition, in this section, you will find those projects that will develop your cognitive abilities and logic. And the most important lesson that we get thanks to such games: you can overcome any situation, even if it was not possible to do it the first time. Try your task several times. Perseverance will give you the path to success and victory. Don't be discouraged if the level seems too difficult to complete right away. If you are not lucky the second time, you will be lucky the tenth time. But you definitely will because persistence is the key.

Varieties of games in this genre

In addition to the simplest missions where you need to jump up or overcome linear routes, various stories await you.

  • Rescue missions. For example, you need to connect hearts in love or save a close friend. To do it, you need to overcome dangers, meet time limits, neutralize enemies, and bypass traps.
  • Finding valuable resources. Some games invite you to search for treasure, others ask you to search for food, money, or fuel. You won't last long without these resources, so you don't just have to jump – you have to complete tasks, and it's extremely exciting.
  • Travel and explore the world. Exploring the unknown corners of game universes can be no less exciting than a real trip. Get ready to go on a journey through the clouds, the depths of the sea, or even the continents of the earth. Each location is worth your attention, so don't miss a single one.

Leave your worries behind the monitor. While you're in the game, there are so many things to distract you from your routine, entertain you, and inspire you.

How to cope with difficult levels in Jumping Games?

Jumping Games have a rudimentary control system, so what could go wrong? However, when you try to pass a difficult level for the tenth time, you will realize that knowing some secrets is not superfluous. So, keep a few tips that will make you a true professional:

  • Keep an eye on the time. In games with time limits, this is extremely important. Take one or more attempts to see the height and length of the jump and explore the obstacles that are spread out. Once you have all the data, you can start the race, knowing what to expect and managing to meet the time limit.
  • Do not panic at the sight of enemies. Explore them. Find out what damage they cause, what scheme they act on, and how they react to certain actions of the player. Some have to be overcome, and others are easier to jump over: how does it work for you?
  • Learn different jumps. Some levels have so many obstacles that the player has to combine high and normal jumps, flying, and other actions. You do not always immediately know what to do. The most effective advice, in this case, is to practice, so that next time, you succeed.

We created this section for those who adore beautiful design, attractive levels, and flawless game mechanics. We hope you have a great time exploring this genre of games and forging your path to another victory!