Parkour is not just a sequence of difficult and dangerous tricks. It is the life philosophy of people who are not afraid to face issues and successfully overcome them. If you want to get close to the basics of this philosophy and lifestyle, you can try yourself as a tracer on the Game Karma website.

The essence of parkour is that a person must always show miracles of physical fitness by combining them with various qualities and skills:

  • Cleverness;
  • Logic;
  • The ability to instantly assess the situation;
  • The speed of reactions;
  • The ability to combine movement, direction, strength, and agility.

This process is pleasant and scary to watch but even more nerve-wracking when you become a participant in this crazy but so impressive action.

The essence of the parkour game

You will have to spend more than one week in training before you can reproduce the simplest driving scenarios on complex routes with a certain number of different obstacles. However, you can open any parkour game to enjoy the best jumps and other tricks that not everyone can replicate in real life.

You will be able to overcome various obstacles:

  • Walls;
  • Houses;
  • Roofs;
  • Parapets;
  • Railing;
  • Trees and many other obstacles.

Obstacles during the game appear as spontaneously and unexpectedly as in real life. You can expect from the game almost the same emotions that you would feel if you tried to pass the same challenges in real life. At the same time, the entire list of skills that an athlete must possess becomes obvious.

Parkour is based on such disciplines as athletics and mountaineering. At the same time, one has to overcome personal fears, train willpower, and cultivate self-discipline and endurance. Only by combining all these factors can you count on the fact that you will be able to cope with the tasks. Everything is much simpler in the game because you do not risk your health and even your life, but you still get a crazy dose of adrenaline.

Tracers say: there are no boundaries. There are only obstacles. This is the main lesson you will learn when playing parkour games online. All games are developed based on real physics, exercises, and tricks performed by tracers. So, you can spy on a lot of beneficial items you will need if you want to try working out for real. The main idea of every parkour game is that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome. Look at your journey again, and you will see that there are ways to overcome any problem.

At the same time, each parkour game is a spectacular action with jumps, somersaults, flips, and free running. You could see it in movies and music videos. Now, you can try how it works on your device screen: PC or mobile gadget. Enjoy the brightest ways to overcome obstacles on your way.

Beyond human capability: What are parkour games?

Parkour in its modern form appeared relatively recently. Parkour culture has been actively developing over the past 20 years. There are true masters of this art. They are a pleasure to watch. The appeal of online parkour games is that you can also become one of these masters but without any real risk.

Enjoy the process where gravity seems to stop affecting the person. Sometimes, it looks like a real flight, which amazes people with its beauty and unique movements.

Advantages of parkour games

The best projects in this genre are collected in the category of parkour games. Here, you can set records for the complexity of movements, speed, and height of buildings that you can reach without any additional equipment. You will jump, climb to crazy heights, and adapt to a wide variety of conditions.

Here, you can feel a crazy rush of adrenaline and energy, reaching new heights in the game. This is a real extreme, for which people jump with a parachute, conquer mountain peaks, and dive into the depths of the sea. To get a similar feeling, you can simply go to the GameKarma website and choose any of the games offered in this section.

Play parkour games on the GameKarma platform anytime. It's free but always fun and exciting!