Action is usually used as a hypernym to describe any kind of action, regardless of the implementation of the game world (3D/2D), camera position (isometry, a first-person view, etc.), or setting (shooter or fights).

With the advent of 3D, most action games have moved into the 3D action genre. Different 2D and 3D games can also be distinguished by the terms 2D-Action/3D-Action (R-Type vs. Sin & Punishment), and 2D/3D-Fighting (Mortal Kombat 3 vs. Virtua Fighter 5).

The action genre originally served for action films, but later, it spread to arcade computer games. Action games are created specifically for those game lovers who are distinguished by a high speed of making tactical decisions and reactions, as well as the dynamism of switching attention to the events taking place in the game. As a rule, action games provide an additional name that specifies their theme.

Specific features of action games

Action games are a vast genre of online games that are based on the physics of movement and player control. Talking about their unique features, we can distinguish:

  • A huge variety of games such as shooters, fights, speed and reaction games, battles with weapons and military, and mechanical equipment.
  • In this type of game, the player often controls the character, who must find a way out of the room, fight in hand-to-hand combat, shoot, collect items, run, jump and avoid obstacles.
  • Action games include all games in which victory over the opponent is earned through physical superiority, such as better aiming or faster reactions and improved agility.
  • The plot of such games develops very dynamically and requires attention and swift reaction from players to the events taking place in the game.

The game in the action genre requires the player to react quickly and needs accuracy and different skills to overcome the tasks set by the game. Still, sometimes, it is considered the simplest genre in games but undoubtedly belongs to the most common.

Action games usually place a lot of emphasis on combat with melee or firearms. In games of this genre, weapons play a key role. There are a large number of sub-genres, such as fighting games or shooters. The genre itself intersects with numerous genres, such as Action-RPG, Action-Adventure, or Action-Horror.

Another key feature of the action game genre is the mandatory use of any type of weapon. With each level of the game, the weapon is improved and enhances its power and capabilities, which fuels interest and gives excitement to the player. Everyone wants to try themselves in the role of a superhero, and action games will help to realize this dream.

It is believed that action games will be of interest mainly to boys and men, but some girls and women will also not mind actively spending time with weapons or just active sports. Here, one can drive cars without rules, solve puzzles, and complete all the actions in a limited period.

In addition, the gamer will train their reaction speed and coordination of eyes and hands. Moreover, the reward in action games will be to get more points and achieve the best score among other players online. Just choose one of the action games below and start playing! As there are many such games, you will definitely find the one to be your favorite. Or you can change games to get as many emotions and experiences as you wish.