A shooter is a fairly popular and sought-after genre of computer games, which has earned the love of millions of modern gamers. Typically, the shooter game process is characterized by the use of various types of energy, melee, or firearms by the main character. Many levels in shooter games are a great motivation for every player.

Incredible graphics and the availability of original special effects allow the player to distract from the outside world as much as possible, as well as get excellent psychological relaxation. The shooter is a great choice for fans of virtual fights. Without causing harm, the player can throw out their negativity on virtual enemies such as monsters, aliens, or mutants. Often, developers add additional tasks, such as finding keys to doors or solving logic puzzles.

The first shooter consisted entirely of corridors and small rooms. Modern games of this genre are not far away. Linearity and shooter are practically the same things. In most cases, you can complete a specific level in the only way. In this case, the main thing you will be doing is shooting enemies. Of course, video game creators often mix several genres in one project to diversify the process.

Increasingly, shooters with non-linear passages began to appear, in which the gamer gets some freedom. In such games, you will have to independently choose the path to the exit to incur the least losses. In addition, in non-linear shooters, it is possible to visit additional rooms with bonuses.

Depending on the plot of the game, the player's arsenal can include both modern weapons and futuristic models, as well as guns that have no analogs today. As a rule, a typical set of weapons contains:

  • Melee weapons (knives, brass knuckles, a piece of a pipe, a baseball bat, a mount, swords, sabers, spears, daggers, clubs, brushes, etc.);
  • Bows and crossbows;
  • Pistols, machine guns or automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, multi-barrel rotary machine guns, or single-barrels;
  • Grenades or Molotov cocktails;
  • Energy weapons (blasters, plasma guns, beam guns).

In first-person shooters, the player does not see the character from the side — they watch what is happening from the character's point of view. In third-person shooters, the player sees the character from the side from a fixed (usually from the back) or arbitrary point of view. A number of games have implemented the ability to switch first/third person and fixed/arbitrary camera.

Shooter Games are not only a fun way to spend time but also a benefit for the body. Despite the generally accepted belief that computer games are harmful to vision, some studies prove otherwise. Shooters help improve eyesight. In addition, this genre will improve the reaction of the player, help develop the speed of decision-making, and force the use of logic to solve unusual problems. Moreover, this type of entertainment will help you relax after a busy day at work or school. Scientists believe that thanks to shooters, people become less aggressive, as they splash out negative energy in the virtual world.