Warfare video games are always popular since the first titles that appeared decades ago. This is a category that contains a wide selection of titles in different genres. War games can be shooters, strategies, action-adventure games, and more. New video games in this category appear constantly, and it might be difficult to keep up with all the computer releases, especially when they are not really cheap. But don't fear, as browser games come to the rescue. They are free of charge, and all gamers can pick any title to play online in their browser of preference.

War video games are a very broad characteristic as the only thing that truly connects all these games is the warfare theme. They can be multiplayer or solo, focus on the plot or on combat, feature firearms or melee weapons, etc.

Here are the top subcategories of war video games developed for browsers:

  • Tanks – many war games focus on tanks specifically even if they are developed in different genres. You can have tank shooters, strategy titles, and more. These games are perfect for players that have an interest in military machinery.
  • Shooters – of course, shooters are some of the most popular games on the market. They are not really plot-driven, and gamers need to shoot their way through the enemies to reach the goals of the level. With shooters, there is a chance to select from a wide collection of weapons too.
  • Strategy – while strategy video games can be in all kinds of settings and one of the favorite themes is fantasy, the military aesthetic is a close competition. In such games, you have the field and both your characters and weapons and those of your opponent. Such strategies are usually turn-based, and with each turn, you need to make decisions that will bring you to victory.
  • Tower defense – these games do not all feature towers, but you need to defend any of your buildings nonetheless. Enemies come in waves, and it is necessary to deflect them each time to keep your tower, castle, fortress, or another building safe. With each wave, it becomes progressively difficult to defend yourself.
  • Flying – warplanes are also a popular topic in warfare video games. It is extremely fun to fly around on different missions and avoid enemy planes while firing at them. Video games that involve flying are always very popular as humans crave this ability in real life.
  • Slasher – while shooters involve firearms, it is also extremely fun to play characters with cold weapons. Using melee weapons like swords and knives is another experience that gamers love worldwide. Slasher games are focused specifically on fighting numerous enemies with such weapons.

War video games can be educational as well. They are not only about in-game violence but about history too. There are plenty of historically accurate warfare video games that can teach players about wars, weapons, personalities, army ranks, and more. But other than that, war browser games are highly accessible. Everyone has free access to all these games with the only requirement of having an Internet connection. As long as you have that, all the games from the catalog are ready to be played.