Tank games are among the favorite activities of boys of all ages, probably since the advent of them as such. Or, by at least their first toy copies, regularly rolling on the floor and twisting towers. Today, tanks become radio-controlled toys with imitation of real shooting, advanced models-copies on a scale of 1:35, miniatures on the field of tabletop strategy, and three-dimensional armored vehicles, leading deadly battles online.

The community of fans of online battles arose with the release of World of Tanks – the first military-historical MMO that won the hearts of tens of millions of players.

Reasons to play tank games

It is difficult to say something new about tank games, which managed to shake up the stagnant MMORPG market, where for a long time no one dared to go beyond creating another clone of World of Warcraft.

Tank games gained their popularity due to notorious realism. The developers deliberately moved away from trying to copy the real World War II and drive players into a rigid framework of a historical battle. Instead, tank battles here are a kind of sports competition where tanks of different countries and years of issue are used. However, at the same time, the tanks are made extremely close to their prototypes, up to the angles of inclination of the armor and the laying of ammunition. In addition, this is what the game hooked on as fans of tanks and ordinary players, a little tired of the dominance of half-dressed elves and magic in MMORPG.

The success of the tank games, however, exceeded the wildest expectations. The first games of this genre set a new standard, becoming a trendsetter and even managing to surpass World of Warcraft in profitability (and this is with a very humane donation). So far, such projects are actively developing and holding the position of a leader among online games.

Modern tank games can be launched directly from native Firefox or Chrome. There are differences in the game process. For example, one of the combat modes allows the destroyed tanks to respawn after death as in shooters. In another mode, a close-knit team of players has to defend the frontier from waves of tanks under computer control. In general, it seems that the developers focused on the most fleeting style of play – the cards are small in size, and the denouement of the battle comes very quickly.

Armored vehicles that came to smartphones and tablets have nothing to do with the era of the Second World War – modern developers focus on contemporary themes. The games feature armored vehicles from different countries, follow the precepts of the first games of the genre, and do not deviate from their standards. However, of course, the focus on mobile devices is a powerful argument for those who prefer to play away from the computer.

There is also a modern idea of a game in which aircraft and tanks fight at the same time, and the gamer has to coordinate their actions to win. It deserves attention, and in this case, it is the experience of creating high-quality simulators that are attractive.

Altogether, the tank theme is rightfully considered one of the most popular online games today. That is why there are quite a lot of good games about tanks now, and in the future, there will probably be even more.