If you want to play a game that will allow you to enjoy the gameplay and positively affect your brain activity, you will definitely be interested in the category of color games. Beautiful and pleasant graphics, a simple and intuitive interface — all this you will receive completely free of charge, and, in addition, your friends will also be able to enjoy all these gaming qualities.

You might occasionally want to spice up your life. Make the flowers more vibrant, the sky lighter, and the sun a little brighter. If in real life, this is impossible to do, then with the games from the "Colors" section, it is quite realistic.

Here is a collection of themed coloring pages for children. Each picture has its storyline and encourages the child to think and search for the right shades that will not only make the image bright but also set its mood and breathe life into it. And how interesting it is to experiment — take the same online coloring book and paint it several times with different colors! Watch how this changes the mood of the picture and how we perceive it.

Drawing online is convenient, interesting, fast, easy, and affordable. Any of the coloring pages can be printed online. New games in this section regularly appear on the portal, which introduces users to new places visited by the main character and his friends. Online children's painting will teach the child to distinguish shades, select appropriate tones, and develop creative thinking. After all, playing online means not only having a good time but also discovering new abilities in yourself.

Online coloring pages are very easy to paint. A convenient and rather large palette of tones, the choice of the most suitable of them, a click of the mouse — and the colorless expanse of water instantly sparkles with dark blue waves, and the funny brightly dressed protagonist sets off on another journey.

As you know, "long-playing" games, despite the fascinating plot, require too much free time to complete all the levels. By clicking on the link in the Color games block, you will be surprised at how colorful and no less entertaining a simple mini-game of this kind can be.

If you are tormented by fatigue and want to be distracted by a colorful world that you can paint on your own with just a few waves of your hand, online coloring pages for children are waiting for you on our website. It appears to be just a game, but you gradually begin to feel the magic of color more and more.

This section also presents exciting and interesting games in the puzzle genre. The whole game takes place on a square field, which is a place for subsequent moves. You'll notice that the computer randomly places three balls in different colored cells when you first start playing. Then, it's your turn to act; you can move any ball to an empty cell at this point. But be very careful — there must be a free path between the initial and final cells for the balls to move. After you move the ball and collect a line of five or more balls vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, they will disappear and free the playing field. After that, you are given the opportunity. If after moving, the line does not line up, the move will end and new balls will appear. If you collect a line from the balls and it disappears, you will earn points for it. The whole game will continue until you fill the entire field with balls and cannot make a move in the end. The purpose of the game is to collect the maximum number of bonus points.

With each move, the computer adds three new balls to the field, but no new balls are added after the line is removed. Instead, you will receive one more move as compensation.

Remember that as you remove more balls from the board, your score will rise. In this game, you compete against gamers from around the globe. When there are no more balls on the field, the game is deemed to be over.