The ball has historically been the main game projectile for most sports. But in computer entertainment, the ball began to be used in a variety of logical arcades. Therefore, ball projects are diverse and will appeal to both puzzle lovers and sports fans. Sports simulators are primarily soccer and basketball, but there are also exotic ones: tennis, volleyball, bowling, or billiards.

This category contains free games about baseball, soccer, basketball, and other sports. Can you score the winning goal or take the shot that will lead your team to victory? These are just some of the sports you will find in this collection.

All children and adults love to play with the ball because it is always so fun and interesting. But besides fun, there are games in which you need to think carefully. This is what the game of skill is all about. Here, the main task is to throw a small white ball into the hole choosing the ideal trajectory and throw force for this. But don't think it'll be easy; with each level, getting into the hole will become more difficult because the path to it will be blocked by various blocks, which must also be considered when calculating the angle of the ball. The fewer attempts you need to shoot the ball, the more stars you earn. Get ready to score, shoot, and kick your way in our amazing ball games. All of these sports are represented by both realistic and funny video projects. Logic arcades are no less interesting.

When the weather outside the window is cold and damp, go to the section with ball projects — everything that you did in the yard can be done with even greater pleasure and excitement in the world of entertainment.

You can play a good selection of free ball games here in a variety of genres and directions. To date, the best fun is free ball projects that will attract your attention and diversify your day off. But during the game, participants need to not only throw the ball up. They will find a complex plot and a lot of intrigues. In the virtual space, you will meet various characters and be able to get used to the role of both a successful athlete and a talented boy from the street.

Good knowledge of physics, geometry, and their understanding can come in handy in these entertainments. It should be noted that these are not your typical puzzles. Many users will enjoy passing simple levels.

Solve the most difficult puzzles, play with virtual gravity, and move only forward to victory in our entertainment in this category. The catalog has fun projects in which you can roll balls and kick them into holes, gates, baskets, etc. The presented entertainment is suitable for users of all ages. Some games include easy and more difficult levels. Roll the ball through the control points. All points are guarded by laser weapons. Destroy stone fences and set a new record! Outdoor games with a ball have always been a favorite pastime for kids. However, in such fun, children can get bruises and abrasions. When playing online, the child will be protected from danger and will not be able to harm their health, which often happens in a real game. The child can invite their friends to the entertainment. Ball projects for kids presented here are distinguished by simple controls and a variety of storylines. In our catalog, there is something enjoyable for everyone to do. In our database, many amusements have gained popularity. Run, jump, and exercise with the ball in our online entertainment collected on the pages of the game portal. Do not forget that new items appear regularly in this category. You might soon be able to locate the perfect game in this genre for yourself.