Video games developed for two players have been around for many decades now. However, for the longest time, two-player titles were only available to play in the same room and on the same console or computer. Of course, this meant sharing the screen as well. Video game development has come a long way since then, and with the high demand for online multiplayer games, new two-player titles have appeared. Today, it is extremely simple to play games meant for two users online in any browser. Thanks to the diversity of browser titles, it is possible to find incredible games that every gamer will love.

The category of 2-player games contains titles that require two gamers specifically. They are not huge online multiplayers with servers that can host dozens or even hundreds of users. These video games are developed for two-player coop. Of course, every gamer has favorite genres and video games. Luckily for online players, there are tons of different video games to suit every taste. One of the distinctive qualities of browser games is that they are released in large quantities, and there is always something to play.

Here are the most common 2-player game genres you can enjoy online:

  • Racing – while it is possible to play racing games alone and compete with the computer, it is always so much better to race against other players. There are great two-player racing titles available in your browser, and you can play with any of your friends over the Internet.
  • Puzzles – puzzle games are great for playing with a friend. There are many games with levels cleverly designed to require two players to solve them. In addition, it is always great to have someone else to solve puzzles together and offer various ideas. Where one player might be unable to find a solution, the other one will help.
  • Boxing – as boxing matches happen between two people, this is a perfect kind of game for two players. There are different boxing games with various art styles, and you can pick any title that interests you to box against one of your friends or a random online gamer.
  • Tabletop games – there is a huge amount of tabletop titles that use cards, dice, or other game pieces. If there is a table game you like to play in real life, you should be able to find its online version to play with your friends even if they are far away.
  • Sports – this is a huge subcategory that includes numerous video games about all types of sports. Even if they are team sports, some games require two players, and the rest of the team is filled with computer characters. These titles are always very competitive and fun to play. Even if you are not interested in specific sports, you can always try out these video games to discover something new.

One of the most fun parts of online video games is the ability to play with other people. This is a perfect way to keep in touch with your friends and spend some quality time together even if you cannot meet up in person.